Teenagers whose fathers are ill need bone marrow transplantation to eat five meals a day to fatten up and save their fathers

 Teenagers whose fathers are ill need bone marrow transplantation to eat five meals a day to fatten up and save their fathers

At 8 oclock on September 9, Lu Zikuan waited for the operation. He folded his hands together to reveal his small belly due to weight gain.

Traditional society has left us a lot of filial piety stories. In Twenty-four Filial Piety, such as sleeping on ice to seek carp, tasting soup and medicine, has become a model of promoting filial piety. Those positive social values will never be outdated. Recently, the story of Henan boy Lu Zikuan fattening and saving his father touched the public opinion like a warm wind.

Reported that when Lu Zikuan, a boy in Huixian County, Henan Province, was 3 years old, his father, Lu Yanheng, was found to have myelodysplastic syndrome, pre-leukemia. In 2018, when his fathers health deteriorated, Lu Zikuan subsequently achieved the body standard of donating bone marrow to his father by gaining weight.

Finally, at 9:00 a.m. on September 9, Luzikuan donated bone marrow at Qinghe Branch of Peking University Peoples Hospital.

Such a story of fattening and saving fathers has been widely disseminated through media reports. Public opinion is delighted with the family that is turning around. It is also touched by the courage and responsibility of the 11-year-old boy. The comments of Come on and Be sensible brush the screen in the commentary area under the news.

If we put it in the proper state of filial piety to evaluate fattening and saving father, Lu Zikuan just did what he should do. Anyone has the responsibility to stand up for their parents.

However, the reason why public opinion is moved by this news may be more because it reflects a childs responsibility, courage and calm face of life and death. The road of fattening and saving father shouldered a heavy burden that a teenager shouldnt bear, but he bravely shouldered the burden without turning back.

_Lu Zikuan and his aunt made a video phone call to his father on the 15th floor to encourage him to be strong. Photo Source: New Beijing News

Bone marrow donation is not something that can be accomplished by an operation. It takes a long time to prepare. Since his fathers health deteriorated in 2018, Luzikuan has been preparing for the bone marrow transplant. Its not just about eating more and gaining weight. Its about following your family around, doing all kinds of tests, and overcoming the fear of a minor child facing the future.

All good luck, only in the struggle, all the peak turn, is because of perseverance. The path of juvenile is wide, so that the family can see the light again with the sense of responsibility of little man. Such a force is enough to move peoples hearts and minds.

Likewise, his son Lin Weiyuan came out: in order to meet the physical requirements of bone marrow donation, from March to July this year, Lin Weiyuan maintained the rhythm of five meals a day and steadily gained weight. In four months, he also succeeded in gaining 17 kilograms. Hes 11 years old, along with Lu Zikuan.

Ordinary families can no longer be ordinary, ordinary children can no longer be ordinary, but emitting a warm glow. In any case, the light is ahead of us when we have gone through difficulties that are not enough to be humane to the outside world.

The outside world sympathizes with them, but it is precious that they can not complain or resent. In various media reports, Lu Zikuan always smiled at the camera, showing a sunny boy image. I dont think its because he doesnt know his own situation, but because he knows that with him, there is hope at home.

Life kisses me with pain, and I still return it with song, which can generally describe the fattening and saving father boys spirit of hope in the face of difficulties.

Fattening and saving father is a sad story, but it is also a model of positive energy of society - about filial piety, courage and hope.

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