The scent of hot pot in the apartment building where class A wanted criminals hide helps the police to locate accurately

 The scent of hot pot in the apartment building where class A wanted criminals hide helps the police to locate accurately

Participate in Gangland-related organizations, participate in the implementation of fraud, extortion... In late May, the Nantong Public Security Department dropped a routine loan gang. Guo Mou, the suspected principal criminal of many crimes, fled and was listed as A-level wanted by the Ministry of Public Security.

In the process of escaping for more than three months, Guo made every effort to hide his identity and escape arrest. Unexpectedly, he finally got caught in a rather dramatic way.

On September 8, the reporter learned that Guo Mou was arrested and brought to justice by Nantong police, and the neutral great achievement was a hot pot he ate on the evening of the 7th day.

It is understood that Guo Mou, born in 1979 in Gangzha District of Nantong City, is suspected of participating in gangster-like organizations and committing fraud and extortion crimes. He is the principal of a routine credit group in this special campaign to eradicate the evil.

On May 24, Nantong public security successfully removed the loan group, Guo Mou fled, and was listed as A-level wanted by the Ministry of Public Security in the Yunjian operation.

Every time Guo Mou goes out, he disguises himself to avoid our pursuit. Wang Wei, the squadron leader of Chongchuan Branch of Nantong Public Security Bureau, told reporters.

Since May, the Nantong Public Security Department has gathered capable forces to investigate and ambush Guomous temporary residence and the areas where he once lived, and to sort out Guomous network of relations and make key judgments.

In the process of investigation, the Nantong Public Security Department gradually mastered Guo Mous trajectory, and found a key clue through related technical means. It turned out that Guo Mou had a lover who rented a single apartment for Guo Mou in Hongming Metal Plaza in order to help him hide. On September 7, after confirming Guos temporary residence, Nantong Public Security gathered police forces and decided to arrest him.

Although he already knows that he lives in this area, but there are many people in this area, the scene is more complex, it is impossible to identify which room he rents on the 7th floor. Nantong Public Security Bureau Chongchuan Branch Hongqiao Police Station, a case handling police introduction.

If you act rashly, it is easy to strike grass and frighten snakes, which may cause unpredictable consequences. How to locate the apartment where Guo is hiding has become the key to this operation. In the investigation, the police magnifying glass type screening collected clues, found that 7 pm, Guo Mou went out to the nearby vegetable market to buy vegetables and hot pot seasonings, it is very likely to cook hot pot at home at night.

Can hot pot help police catch people? Many people will think that this is only a paragraph on the Internet, but in fact it has become a breakthrough in this arrest.

On the night of July 7, the police gathered quietly on the seventh floor of Guos apartment to conduct investigation one by one. Finally, the police found that one of the apartments had a strong smell of hot pot, which was probably Guomous old nest.

At this time, there was a quiet area around. Judging that Guo was unlikely to escape by jumping the window, the police acted decisively.


On-site police decisively broke into the door and caught unprepared Guo Mou on the spot.

At that time, Guo Mou was completely relaxed and naked. Seeing the influx of police on the scene, I was confused.

Reporters learned that in Guomous rental area, police officers also searched a large number of clothing used for camouflage, clothing, masks and caps. At present, the case is still in the process of further investigation.

Source: Xinhua responsible editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850