Walking along the river, my son fell into the water and my father jumped into the river to rescue him. As a result, both of them were swept away.

 Walking along the river, my son fell into the water and my father jumped into the river to rescue him. As a result, both of them were swept away.

Around 21 oclock on September 7, a 12-year-old boy and his father accidentally fell into the river while walking along the Bank of the river. His father jumped to rescue him immediately. Unfortunately, both of them were swept away by the river.

On September 9, Red Star journalists learned from the Xuzhou Police and Maritime Department that there was indeed an accident of falling into the river, and the search and rescue work is still under way.

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On the morning of September 9, according to information provided by relevant rescue departments in Xuzhou District, Red Star journalists found Baixi Music Plaza, which is located on the Jinsha River flood control embankment.

Reporters noted that the top of the flood control embankment is a city landscape area, there are two walking paths with a drop of several meters, located between the Jinsha River and Jiangxia Road. Under the levee is the rolling Jinsha River.

_Photograph by Luo Min of the River Section and Landform of the Event Discovery Site

Beyond the outermost runway of the levee, there is also a pipeline and protective passage of the levee more than one metre wide. The horizontal plane of the passage is less than one metre from the river surface. As long as several kilometers of the Baixi flood dike on the Jinsha River, this passage runs through the whole time. Many citizens fished on the passage, and some took the risk of walking and exercising here. In flood season, the channel was submerged by river water for a long time, which resulted in water accumulation and moss growing in the channel after water recession, and made it difficult to slide in some areas.

According to Li Yiming, a 70-year-old local fisherman who had been fishing near the river section for a long time, his fishing friend Liu Chengquan was still fishing dozens of meters underground on the evening of the incident. Liu Chengquan rescued the drowning man with his fishing net immediately after he discovered that the father and son had fallen into the water, but the handle of the net was only three meters, so he could not reach the drowning man. u3002 Later, he chased several dozen meters, still unable to save it.

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An insider tells the story

Search and rescue continues

According to people familiar with the situation, the family of three of them had gone for a walk along the river. The children were in the front and the father was in the rear. When he slipped through a slippery area, his father did not hesitate to jump into the river to rescue him. Soon the father and son were swept away and swallowed up by the river. The childs mother ran over to try to jump into the river to save him, but was luckily pulled by the people who heard about it.

_Photographed by Luo Min at the Discovery Site

After the incident, local police, maritime, long-distance public security and other rescue forces rushed to the site of the incident and the lower reaches of the river to rescue, but ultimately because the river was too fast, the river was too dark and nothing was achieved. According to the relevant person in charge of the Xuzhou Local Maritime Department, the Jinsha River had a downward water level on that day, with a flow of about 5300 cubic meters per second, but the current was turbulent.

Reporters learned from the Xuzhou police that the incident was indeed unexpected, and the search and rescue work is still continuing. As of press release, no trace of father and son has been found. Police and maritime departments warn citizens not to go for walks or fishing in dangerous areas along the river in order to avoid accidents.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082