Liang Jingrus Divorce: Love really needs courage, but marriage needs endurance.

 Liang Jingrus Divorce: Love really needs courage, but marriage needs endurance.

This year is the year of many things in the entertainment industry.

A couple of high-profile love, dog food sprinklers broke up this year.

People cant help but lament the hardship of marriage and the changeability of entertainment circles.


When I saw the news of Liang Jingrus divorce,

Still shocked and regretted,

Unexpectedly, after this independent, confident, powerful and well-received supersong,


She gave up her career for marriage.

But divorce has attracted the attention of the whole network.

Liang Jingru and some of todays empty beautiful flow florets, there are really too many differences.

Her appearance is not outstanding, nor deliberately designed so-called man-made.

But when you open your mouth, you can easily touch your heartstrings.

Even if there are no new songs or concerts for years,

Nor does it affect people to place her songs over and over in KTV.

Looking at Liang Jingru, who is smiling and whispering on the screen, I feel warm for no reason.

The song Courage was popular all over the country.

Love really needs courage to face the gossip, as long as you have a positive look, my love is meaningful.

Become the powerful weapon of countless girls in the road of love.

And she herself is also the goddess of brave pursuit.

On 1 February 2010,

The couple held weddings on Long Beach Island, Malaysia and Taipei in the Philippines.

The witness at that time was Li Zongsheng, Liang Jingrus mentor.

The best man and bridesmaid are Zhang Zhicheng and Dai Peni respectively. The scenes are magnificent.

At the wedding ceremony, Zhao Yuantong sobbed a confession to Liang Jingru:

Thank you for being my partner and making me whole. Living with you in the name of love is the happiest thing I think.