Shanghai Regulation Sharing Bicycle Enterprises: 25 Assessment Indicators are assessed every six months

 Shanghai Regulation Sharing Bicycle Enterprises: 25 Assessment Indicators are assessed every six months

Peng Mei journalist He Yinghao

On September 9, the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government released information. The Shanghai Traffic Commission, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Administration and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau jointly organized and compiled the Assessment Measures for Business Services of Shanghai Internet Rental Bicycles (hereinafter referred to as the Measures).

Measures pointed out that the scope of assessment is to provide Internet bicycle rental business services in Shanghai operating enterprises. The Municipal Transportation Administration Department entrusts relevant third-party organizations to organize and implement the assessment of the citys Internet bicycle rental business services, and summarizes the assessment results. There are 25 items of 1,000 points in the assessment indicators. In principle, the assessment is organized and implemented every six months. The newly-entered operation enterprises violate the relevant provisions of Shanghai in the pilot process. If the circumstances are serious, the municipal traffic administration department may directly cancel the number of vehicles put into the pilot project in conjunction with the public security organs.

A total of 25 assessment indicators

What are the specific aspects of assessment? What are the responsibilities of the relevant departments?

The Measures introduce that the municipal traffic administration department can entrust the third party to carry out the assessment of the policy response, user satisfaction, vehicle use, vehicle capacity, vehicle digital record, unregistered delivery and other contents of the operation enterprise.

The competent department of the district assesses the parking order, response time of dispatch and disposal, operation agreement and implementation of commitments of the operation enterprises.

The Internet Bicycle Rental Information Platform evaluates the data quality, data feedback synergy and dynamic operation indicators submitted by the operating enterprises.

The public security organ examines the traffic order and illegal cycling activities of the operating enterprises, and is responsible for providing relevant data for digital vehicle record of the operating enterprises to the municipal traffic administration department.

The law enforcement department of urban management examines the contents of illegal occupation of urban roads by operating enterprises and the time limit for retrieving vehicles.

The relevant associations of bicycle operation and parking enterprises, scientific research institutes, municipal Consumer Insurance Commission and other social organizations in the city have assessed the technological management innovation means and vehicle technical performance of the operation enterprises.

Assessment indicators include: vehicle parking order, enterprise collaboration degree, vehicle capacity, enterprise service quality, enterprise integrity, vehicle usage, technology and management innovation, serious dishonest behavior, etc. A total of 25 indicators, 1000 points, divided into conventional indicators (a total of 19, the main assessment of enterprise daily management level). There are three kinds of indicators: vehicle hardware level and overall service level, markup index (4 items in total, guided by field management effect and market selection), and deduction index (2 items in total, increasing penalty and deduction for major dishonest acts such as operating unregistered vehicles and unlawful delivery of vehicles).

New Operating Enterprises Need to Report before Pilot Project

Examination methods mainly include on-site observation, customer satisfaction survey, centralized scoring and daily inspection by management departments, data statistics and evaluation of information platform, etc. In principle, an assessment shall be organized and implemented every six months. Provisional assessment may be organized and implemented in case of major changes in market supply and demand or in the operation of an operating enterprise.

The assessment results are the main basis for the dynamic adjustment of the number of vehicles put into operation. The Municipal Transportation Administration Department, in conjunction with the district authorities, establishes a dynamic adjustment mechanism for Internet bicycle rental. According to the assessment results, the number of registered bicycles is regularly evaluated and adjusted every six months, and the dynamic increase or decrease adjustment is implemented for the vehicles put into operation by enterprises. Where there are major changes in the operation of an already operated enterprise or major irregularities that refuse to be rectified, temporary dynamic adjustments may be made as appropriate.

The Measures also point out the assessment of pilot operation services for new operating enterprises.

Enterprises that have not yet started Internet bicycle rental business in Shanghai need to report to the municipal traffic administration department 30 days before the pilot project starts to provide business services. Relevant enterprises shall submit the scale and plan of the vehicles to the competent authorities at the municipal and district levels for their opinions, sign relevant operation agreements with the competent authorities of the district, go through the formalities of vehicle registration and licensing in time, and effectively connect the vehicle data to the information service platform before carrying out pilot operation.

Departments in charge of relevant districts may delimit specific areas according to the operation agreements for enterprises to pilot vehicles of a certain scale. The number of vehicles put on for the first time ranges from 500-5000 (central urban area) to 1500-15000 (suburban area). The duration of the pilot is 6 months, and only 1-2 districts can pilot.

If the violation of the relevant provisions is serious in the process of pilot projects of newly-entered operational enterprises, the municipal traffic administration department may, in conjunction with the public security organs, directly cancel the number of vehicles put into the pilot projects. Upon the expiration of the pilot period of the newly-entered operation enterprises, those qualified by the comprehensive evaluation of the competent departments at the municipal and district levels may formally enter Shanghai for operation.