If you dont want to experience fast-food marriage, you should solve two problems besides not getting married easily.

 If you dont want to experience fast-food marriage, you should solve two problems besides not getting married easily.

Marriage in this year is also dazzling, the frequency of divorce is also increasing, people around the divorce news has become common.

But always see everybody divorce, still feel some regret, especially the situation of having children and having to divorce. Adults are in trouble and children are in grievance.

So what causes so many divorces? Maybe we should also reflect on it. First of all, if you dont want to face the divorce, the premise should be not to get married easily.

But dont get married, it seems that there are also difficulties, insisting on singleness to a certain time, or knot. So the other two problems should be to solve the problem of choosing the right person or couple skills.

If none of these can be achieved, it is possible to marry easily, choose the wrong person, get along with each other badly, and then divorce easily. In this way, even if there are no children, there will be some harm and loss to each other.

Not long ago, I heard that my friend Xiaoli was divorced. Of course, divorce is not a strange topic now. But Xiaoli has been married for only a month, so it still makes me feel a little sudden.

Xiaoli is in her 30s and has been reluctant to marry. It seems that they cant bear the intimidation of family and relatives and get married. Flash marriage is very ostentatious and looks very happy.

But Xiaoli only insisted on divorcing decisively after a month of marriage, the specific reason Xiaoli did not elaborate, but now flash divorce is common, Xiaoli and the man did not know much, it is estimated that each other are holding the mentality of trying or fighting back.

The result is that the marriage is married, but only temporarily fulfilled the wishes of both families, the day after marriage or their own affairs, contradictions will surely emerge one by one.

Before marriage, Xiaoli managed a florist shop with good business, economic independence and freedom. After marriage, Xiaoli Flower Shop did not manage much. She was seen closing the shop several times when she passed by. It must be that the family she married in the past needed her husband to teach her son to be a full-time mother.

This situation may have been guessed by Xiaoli before marriage, but luckily, everyone has the mentality to conquer or persuade the other party, or to have the best of both worlds. After marriage, she finds that things have not developed in accordance with her own ideas and wishes. In the world, thats probably the case.

So disappointment followed. Xiaoli has also been deeply in love, a 10-year-long marathon love, after the hero changed his mind.

After that, Xiaoli no longer believed in love. Of course, there is not much hope for marriage.

In this way, it seems that this flash marriage is only a deferment plan that Xiaoli completed under the pressure of her family. If you meet the right one, you will continue to live; if you meet the wrong one, you will get divorced immediately.

Anyway, they have married according to their familys requirements, even if they have completed the task of marriage. Follow-up stories were broken down by her own. Xiaoli didnt think much about the familys account after divorce.

Xiaolis situation is the kind of person who conforms to the fast-food marriage: the attitude of combination and dissociation is the common manifestation of this kind of person.

In short, they are easy to be disappointed, easy to give up, and no longer believe and willing to slowly achieve lasting. At the same time, I dont have much patience, I dont want to endure, and I dont want to compromise too much.

So when we cant devote our whole life to this person, we should be cautious even when forced to marry. The flash divorce like Xiaoli obviously did not give herself wholeheartedly, nor did she wholeheartedly maintain and manage the marriage. Obviously, there are still some jokes.

Although life after marriage is bound to be unpredictable, at least when we encounter problems, we need to spend some time and energy to persevere and work hard.