Evening News | Huawei Mate X cant use Google to serve Apple in response to labor law violations

 Evening News | Huawei Mate X cant use Google to serve Apple in response to labor law violations

Apples new iPhone launch this autumn is scheduled to take place at the Jobs Theater of Apples new headquarters on September 10 (1 a.m. Beijing time, September 11). This is the third time that Apple has released the new iPhone at the Jobs Theater this year. We will bring you the latest and most timely live coverage. Please look forward to it. [Link to the original

Is there only a minor improvement in the iPhone this year? Analyst: There are other bright spots

According to foreign media reports, as in the past 12 years, the new iPhone will be the leading role in Apples annual promotional campaign this week. But attention is shifting to other Apple products and services that need to drive growth. Apple plans to release three new iPhones to increase the number of rear cameras and enhance photo processing under low light conditions. Analysts expect the new phones to be equipped with faster processors, green or purple colors and reverse wireless charging for other devices such as AirPods wireless headphones. [Link to the original

Like Huawei Mate30Pro, MateX will not be able to use Google services.

Japans economic news has confirmed a new report that Huaweis Mate30 Pro, which will be released in the middle of this month (September 19), will not be supported by Google applications and services such as Gmail, Google Play and Google Maps. It also points out that even Huawei MateX, a foldable mobile phone previously released by Huawei, will not be supported by Gmail, Google Play and Google Maps. It wont be supported by Google Apps and Services. [Link to the original

Yu Chengdong: Huawei CPU has spare tire P40 or the first Hongmeng system mobile phone

Yu Chengdong talked about mobile CPU and Hongmeng system in an interview at the communication meeting after Kirin 990 IFA conference in Germany. He said that CPU also has spare tires, if ARM can not be used, use their own, Hongmeng system is basically ready, next March, the release of the P40 may be the first mobile phone carrying Hongmeng system. [Link to the original

Apple: Most reports of violations of Chinas labor law are false and there is no phenomenon of forced labor

According to foreign media reports, China Labor Watch (CLW) released a new report that Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn used too many temporary workers in the worlds largest iPhone factory in China, violating Chinas labor law, and Foxconns working conditions were harsh. In response, Apple wrote that it had investigated the allegations and found that most of them did not correspond to the facts. [Link to the original

Millet Releases 30W Wireless Flash Charging Technology, 2nd 5G Mobile Phone, Millet 9Pro5G Edition

Indian officials talk about Lunar Boat 2 landing on the moon: 95% success, only 5% failure

At about 4:45 a.m. Beijing time on September 7, the Indian Space Research Organization (IRSO) said that the Indian Lunar Ship 2 lander had lost its signal 2.1 kilometers from the lunar surface, and the organization would analyze the data and find out why. KSivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, said in a telephone interview, The Lunar Boat 2 landing mission is very close to 100% successful. As for the whole process of landing on the moon, only the last stage (the accident) of losing contact with the lander (the accident) can be said that 90% to 95% of our whole process (the landing on the moon) is successful. Only the last 5% failed. [Link to the original

Elon Musk: Tesla plans to launch a new electric pickup in November

After Tesla launched Model 3, rumors have been circulating that Teslas next new model will be an electric pickup truck. Electric pickup trucks have always been a hot spot in the market. After other car manufacturers have announced that they will launch related products, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that his new model will be officially launched in November. [Link to the original

Last May, Baidu sued Debang Logistics Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a fake Debang company that provided fake qualifications for misleading audits. Recently, the case has been decided, the court finally decided Baidu win the lawsuit. [Link to the original

Eureka! India acknowledges its hard landing of Lunar Ship 2 Lander