Liang Jingru admits divorce: love needs courage and luck

 Liang Jingru admits divorce: love needs courage and luck

At the album sharing meeting on September 8, Liang Jingru admitted her divorce for the first time. She said, Thank you for your concern these days. I have received your questions. Mr. Zhao and I have signed the divorce agreement. There are still some procedures that are not finished and we will raise our children together.

Watching her hide her face and cry bitterly and go to the stage with strong makeup, I suddenly remembered the songs that accompanied our growth. Courage, which encouraged us to confess, Happy Break-up, which accompanied us through a lovelorn break-up, and Unfortunately Not You, which filled us with tears, have a story called Liang Jingru in everyones youth.

Liang Jingru, singing a love song, did not have a smooth emotional experience. Instead of marrying Martha, who let her love to death and live, she became Zhao Yuantongs bride, who said with tears, Thank you for being my other half and making me whole.

Look at the video of Liang Jingru getting married at that time. I believe they were in love. So who is wrong in this relationship? We dont know what the facts are, and we dont want to pursue them anymore. Sometimes, love needs courage, but it also needs luck. We can bravely give everything to a person, but not necessarily have this good luck and stay with one person for life.


See some netizens say, lets calculate, there are several stars who are not divorced, really do not believe in love.

I think this view is actually a bit pessimistic. In this era of increasing divorce rate, whether ordinary people or stars, can not deny the true existence of love, but also must face the end of feelings.

I have seen a documentary about a hundred divorced couples who quarrel and blame each other, counting each others mistakes one by one. But under the reminder of the host, we found that what we can see from each other is what happened in recent years. We all dont mention the time when we first got together.

Finally, most couples embrace each other and weep, or shake hands to make peace. Although they may not be able to make peace, at least they do not completely deny their past.

People are often like this, easy to remember bad things, but quickly forget good things, so you are not happy at all, right? Man, its better to remember more happy things and selectively forget unpleasant experiences. Maybe the result is that we dont want to face it now, but the good process will surely give us some comfort.

Learn from the experience in this relationship, go on well after saying goodbye, one different two wide, each student is happy.

Of course, there must be problems in the end of any marriage. We can see a lot from Liang Jingrus marriage.

First of all, women must love themselves first and then others.

In Liang Jingrus nine-year relationship with Zhao Yuantong, she paid a lot more than the other party. I didnt think such a brave and independent woman would become so humble after falling in love with a man.

Seeing Liang Jingru say that he became very low because he loved each other too much, he had to look at each others eyes when doing anything, and he was afraid that the other would not like the color of his clothes. Zhao Yuantong derailed female employees, waiting for him to change his mind, and finally had to choose to break up, I really feel sad.

When a woman loves others very much but only loves herself one point, life is very difficult. Because she is always afraid of losing each other, the feeling of fear all the time, people who have experienced must know.

So, no matter how much you love a person, no matter how good the other person is, please love yourself first, then others, and also ask you to love yourself a little more, love others a little less, be a selfish woman, open up moderately, love and hate at will.

Secondly, women must not give up their career for anyone.

When Liang Jingru was just married, she said in a variety show that she felt guilty because she was busy with her work and had no time to accompany her husband. Probably because she cared too much, she chose to return to her family.

Although there is no farewell ceremony to leave the singing world, but she gradually no longer appears, and has clearly told you her choice.

In 2014, she gave birth to a son, and her smile was filled with happiness.

But ah, such a day did not last long, her marriage gradually appeared murmur, she no longer frequently show love.

When a woman has a successful career, the man wants to conquer you, that kind of happiness to satisfy him, but you suddenly give up the career, this love, most men can not understand, even less grateful.

Maybe you will say that successful women will also be derailed, of course, this is inevitable. However, successful women have jobs and money at least when they lose love, which is much better than those who have nothing at all. Although Liang Jingru has been silent for years, it is fortunate that her struggle before marriage has given her the ability to rise again.

So women, there must be a career, whether you have love or not.

Finally, women must learn to reconcile with themselves.

I like Liang Jingrus new song How am I? very much. Im very good. Lets listen to it yesterday, make a decision with today, change the scenery of tomorrow, and go with myself.

A wise woman will let go of herself, no matter how reluctant or unwilling she is. Liang Jingru used to be so Emma, but she chose to quit when she couldnt find love. Liang Jingru worked so hard in her marriage, but when she was hurt, she chose to let go.

We cant make choices for others, but we can do it for ourselves, love without reservation, and leave without reservation. Such decency is the best protection given to ourselves by smart women.

We will encounter many setbacks in our life, we must learn to let go early when we are unable to recover, because entanglement, you are not consuming each other, but yourself.

No one deserves your revenge or entanglement for the rest of your life. You deserve better happiness.

Love really needs courage, but it also needs luck. Liang Jingru divorced, but she did not fail. This is the end of one life stage and the beginning of another life journey. She once loved bravely, and now she calmly let go, bad luck does not last a lifetime, but also can choose to start again.

I wish you the good luck of wishing to win one heart, the white head is not separated, but if not, I also hope you can have the free and easy the past does not turn back, the rest of your life will not be done.

I am Xiyan, a columnist, an old girl who is neither old nor old. I like to write warm words and do emotional programs. I have published The rest of your life is related to me. If you have a story, remember to come to me.