Does public welfare mean letting others donate money?

 Does public welfare mean letting others donate money?

But after today?

Are public welfare projects for mentally handicapped people still only functioning in the form of We need help, so please donate to us? Is public welfare simply about letting others donate money?

Woo... Its not fun...

So Xiaoxing cant help picking it. Lets see how foreigners play with public welfare.

Lets start with one that you love to play with.

How dare you walk on this red carbon? Come here and pay a 10 pound registration fee. The organizer can make sure youre okay, take pictures, record short videos and show off your courage in the circle of friends. Its a public service event organized by the Scottish Autism Society. Many young people like the novelty of challenges and excitement, which makes the event very popular and enthusiastic. So what kind of public welfare law is this activity?

1. The proceeds of the event will be used as a fund to help the autistic group 2. The event gives participants the opportunity to experience the plight of many genealogical people - although it is only a temporary burning sensation on the soles of their feet, but those who have passed through it are not moved when they hear that genealogical people may be in this state of sensory irritation for a long time.

Another brother who likes to play

This time its more than courage, its more than ability. Its not easy to compete for the title of Whos the fastest on a runway full of mud and obstacles. However, if you have a young heart, how can you miss this good opportunity with mud? The event is also sponsored by the Scottish Autism Society. The registration fee will also be used as a fund to help the autistic community. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity for participants to experience allergies and lose weight.

Its a lot of fun.

Have a rock climbing activity

Design an interesting birthday party for children

Idea Dictionary!

I dont know, there are all skewed nuts to make the idea of public welfare fund-raising into a dictionary, each letter is not let go! (as shown below)

Xiaoxing quickly find some interesting to share with you!

Make a fantastic donation box and put it everywhere.

Lets have a quick duck race, lets bet on it.

Strange costumes are an eye-catching necessity for fundraising campaigns

Organize a Knowledge Question and Answer Competition

Put on your promotional shirt and go for a walk. After dinner, youll take a walk anyway.

Finally, share two of the Dictionary of Ideas:

The more unusual an idea is, the more likely it is to attract donations.

Remember to use video to tell your donors how your project is progressing and write it down at the end.

Back at the beginning of the article, the success of fundraising depends not so much on how we explain how much we need help, but on finding enough reasons for others to participate in us, understand us and help us.

Come on!

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