Looking back over the years, is the past as smoky as smoke?

 Looking back over the years, is the past as smoky as smoke?

Biye Zhu Bridge, people are missing, water and air flow. Meeting you is my fate; falling in love with you is my robbery. Looking back on the world of mortals, love has already died.

The fingertips touched the keys lightly, but they could not play a smooth tune. July sun spares no effort to pour light and heat, but my heart can not feel the warmth of the season...

Once, the small garden fragrant path, a pool of peony quietly, wantonly blooming. You gently fold down a branch and hand it to me with a smile. The red and gorgeous flowers are delicate and gorgeous.

However, you know, another name of Paeonia lactiflora, will leave, read Bridge side red medicine, who knows every year to live for? Is it true that everything is destined?

Looking back, I can hardly see that the stone steps passed hand in hand are covered with moss, and the paradise passed by together has been deserted. Without you, how can I intentionally prune it?

Now, you are like a wisp of smoke, drifting past my eyes, I have no time to treasure, you have dispersed with the wind. I stretch out my hand to keep, only a trace of loneliness, a sad, a blank...

Happy new acquaintance, sad not sad life parting, I think, the world is met with a bright joy, the world of parting is also gloomy sadness.

You say, I am too melancholy to bring you the sunshine of life; you say, I am too self-willed, always disturb your calm chord; you say, I am too crying, my tears always wet your clear blue sky.

Am I really so awful in your heart? My self-esteem is like a petal crushed by you, lifted at random, messy.

The wet flowers of love trees cannot fly, and the frost-stained heart is hard to smell. Like a dream floating, I can no longer support a self-confident boat, the wet heart is soaked in bitterness, I can no longer feel the warmth of the season.

Affection to the depths of loneliness, in the future, I only dimly under the curtain, listen to people laughing, my heart has become a lonely empty city.

Is that love really drifting away with the falling flowers? Is it true that all the thoughts have vanished? Did your love for me really disappear in the mist?

Meeting you is my fate; falling in love with you is my robbery.

As you can see, three thousand silks are just for you. I would like to spend more time in the deepest world in order to change your lifelong feelings and fireworks.

I dont want this wonderful feeling to be displaced and homeless.

I dont know how to drive you away from my heart.

You know, from the moment I meet you, my sorrow will stretch its leaves of the blue magic girl, loneliness will spread quietly every night. From the moment I fell in love with you, there was no sunny day in my life.

I miss you not because I am lonely, but because I miss you.

Watching the falling flowers, counting the thoughts of you, the fragrance of missing you diffuse in the dead of night.

I sleep with my thoughts for you, leaving a damp patch on my pillow.

Perhaps, all encounters in the world are not accidental, it should be the grievances of previous generations, the cause and effect of long-term reunion, the persistent ups and downs in the river of oblivion, and the mercy of Sanshengshi.

Looking back, love is dead. I would like to turn it into a red river on the edge of the cliff and grass, so that the whole heart can be soaked by the long rain.

In the future, I can only go alone in the sea of thousands of miles.

Seasonal rain, wet clothes, can be naturally air-dried; but, ruthless red dust wet heart, how can I warm?

Looking back over the years, is the past as smoky as smoke?

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