Come out of the entertainment business, Tony Leung.

 Come out of the entertainment business, Tony Leung.

Li Yuchun was the first real idol elected by the national vote. Many people said that it was she who really opened the first year of idol.

Exit is the peak, how to widen this road? Only precipitation.

On the night of winning the championship in 2005, Li Yuchuns father said to her:

Youve just taken a shortcut. In any case, youll have to be spoiled and humiliated in the future.

Its not easy for a 21-year-old girl to put down her glory on the cover of Time magazine.

Li Yuchun began to think about his future and how to go.

In the same year, the 15-year-old Lu Hao was in junior high school.

His love for football almost put him on the road to professional football.

I can only play as a striker. I just want to score on the football field.

If I had chosen to play professionally, I would have been in the Premier League.

Later, when Deer Hao laughed and said this, millions of fans might breathe a sigh of relief in front of the screen.

In 2005, 7-year-old Cai Xukun already had acting experience.

He played a childhood hero in Half of Fairy Tales, though not much.

But he did not go straight on this road, but continued to read.

What is traffic?

How powerful is flow? Look at the data.

In 2012, her Crazy World Tour opened in Beijing, setting a record for the speed of ticket sales of Chinese-language music tours.

In 2014, Lu Hao announced his return to China. His iconic influence can not be underestimated:

Deer Haos single microblog commentary broke through 10 million, then 100 million, breaking his own Guinness world record.

According to Sina Weibo hot search statistics, more than 30 billion people read about the topic of deer haw.

Many people dont know that youtubes hottest song in the world has only 3.8 billion broadcasts.

Data, let some children born in the era of traffic, suspect that Jay Chou has no fans.

Many people are worried that in future movies, can we only see staring, picturesque acting?

Is it impossible to kill a song like Qilixiang on the music list?

Among the voices of many worries, I find that things have changed a little.

Count these two yearswell-known movies Wandering the Earth, The Richest Man in Xihong City, Flying Life, Im not a Pharmacist...

Wu Jing is 45 years old, Shen Teng is 40 years old, Huang Bo is 45 years old and Xu E is 47 years old.

Those well-received TV dramas with high ratings are All Good, Little Joy, Nuqing Xiangxi...

Yao Chen is 40, Ni Dahong is 59, Guo Jingfei is 40 and Huang Lei is 48.

What does aging mean?

It means that the audiences taste is still there, the directors aesthetics is still there, and the bottom line of the selection is still there.

Means that we value the strength and works, so that the strength of factions have more opportunities, so that the flow of people have a sense of crisis.

In the original music program Son of Tomorrow, Li Yuchun said a very touching sentence:

We can work together to blow up this gaudy track.

As a result of the flow, she is growing into a more mature artist with the times.

This maturity includes disdain for flow and belief in strength.

In 2019, traffic is being redefined, which is a good thing.

Of course, its not that traffic stars should disappear.

On the contrary, I hope that more traffic stars will come into everyones vision, to perform and create, to make the future of this circle hopeful.

In fact, things are moving in the direction we expect.

In addition to the box office guaranteed actors such as Wu Jing, many rookie stars have begun to attract much attention because of a play, not just a face.

Zhu Yilong scored 7.6 on whether to know whether to be green, fat, red and thin.

Xiao Zhan, Chen Qingling scored 8.1.

Yi Shun Qianxi, Changan Twelve Hours, scored 8.4.

Flow is no longer the guarantee of box office and the pass of word of mouth.

Flow stars are finally beginning to realize that only fans like it, no passers-by recognition, is not enough.

Passers-by wont praise you because you are handsome. If you dont have the skills, you cant do without the works you can get.

Why are more and more actors willing to play for free, or even pay the crew?

Its because they realize that if they want to go a long way, they need to improve their own structure.

Compared with big production, high film salary and stir-up topic, the quality of film and the acting skills of actors themselves are the guarantees of box office.

It disappeared in the public eye for almost eight months, with only two days of rest.

Yi Shun Qianxi entered Changan Twelve Hours Group at the age of 17, which is the only traffic star among them.

Under the pressure of acting skills and public opinion, we should also perform with the old opera skeletons. Even he admits that he is too tired.

Is it because advertisements are not easy to receive, they are not popular, and its too difficult to earn money that they have to work so hard?

Obviously not.

Nowadays, the students of normalizing traffic have learned from too many lessons from the past.

The easier the flow rises, the weaker it will decline.

Its no use looking good. You have to use it as a work to make others remember you.

They are working hard to make a place for themselves in the entertainment industry.

During the 10th anniversary celebration of GQ, a little clip happened:

Nearly 60 stars were present that day, and Liang Chaowei was one of the most relaxed.

When asked, did you know any traffic artists on the scene?

Liang Chaowei asked puzzled, What is a vagrant artist?

He is not even familiar with the word.

At the dinner party, more than half of the male artists said that their idol was Tony Leung.

Towards the end of the banquet, many people wanted to take photos with him, but Liang Chaowei had already returned to rest in advance.

He neither exchanged greetings with everyone, nor took care to see if his photos were good-looking.

In fact, he has more important things to do than these, not in the camera, but in life.

Because it is not in that circle, it is impossible to judge who is a good artist. But we can see from their state who is the most relaxed one. They dont worry about outrage, about age, or about being kidnapped by the market. People who create an era will shine in this era and stay in the next era. I like the fairness of the world, making the public more rational, artists more competent and successful more reasonable. Let the respectful strength return to the peak of attention, become more respectable than the value of beauty, the number of fans, the number of hot searches. There is a scene in The King of Comedy:

Cecilia Cheung said, Look, its dark in front and you cant see anything.

Zhou Xingchi said, No, it will be beautiful after daybreak.

In fact, its already on.

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