National Car Pride? Red Flag Chao Run will start at Frankfurt Motor Show

 National Car Pride? Red Flag Chao Run will start at Frankfurt Motor Show

The H Series is a new noble mainstream vehicle, and this series should belong to the intermediate main selling product sequence of the Red Flag brand. Currently listed H7, H5 and HS5, as well as future HS7 and other SUV products, are included in the series; the last series Q series is a new noble business travel vehicle. Apart from the passenger car market, the Red Flag also has unique advantages in high-end business travel in terms of historical inheritance. It is expected that MPV and other models will belong to this series.

According to the information revealed in the official announcement rendering map, the new car is a typical low-lying and super-running model. Although the wind resistance coefficient has not yet been known, it can be seen that it has a good aerodynamic performance. The red large-size Red Flag brand LOGO with high recognition is located in the center of the car head, and the LED headlights are sharp and dynamic.

Coming to the side of the body, the low body, the huge personalized wheel rim tire, the small side window and the super-large rear wing, together with its mid-rear layout, all explain its overrunning status. It is worth mentioning that a new LOGO has been adopted at the C-pillar and wheel rim. The meaning of LOGO has not yet been announced.

Triangle LED taillights have strong visual impact. Giant tail fin is very practical for super-running vehicles, which gives the vehicle greater downward pressure, is conducive to the stability of high-speed driving, and makes the driver more confident.