Manchester United fly to Shanghai for help from the divine doctor: I think its worth it.

 Manchester United fly to Shanghai for help from the divine doctor: I think its worth it.

Dalotte reportedly flew to Shanghai, China, on August 29, and stayed at the Shanghai Port Club for ten days. The purpose of Dallowts visit is very clear. He came to see Eduardo Santos, a Brazilian doctor who is currently in Hong Kong. It is reported that Santos is a well-known doctor in Europe, and has the title of miracle doctor.

In 2015, David Louis, who was still working in St Germain in Paris, suffered a severe Achilles tendon tear, but recovered miraculously soon after Santostreatment, which French media called Santos a miracle doctor. In recent years, Santos has treated Mangala, Moussa-Denberai, Falcao and others for injuries. Santostreatment has been discussed in international football, but Santos himself is very confident: What we do is not a miracle, but science, of course, the treatment I get is really good.

After knee surgery last season, Dalotte, who had hoped for the new season, suffered another hip injury. In order to recover as soon as possible, Dalotte contacted Santos. With the consent of landing in Hong Kong, Dalotte arrived in Shanghai and began a 10-day rehabilitation program with Santos.

Although its a long way from Manchester to Shanghai, I think its worth it to cure my annoying injuries. In an interview with the media, Dallowt said so. At the same time, as he was healing his wounds, Dallowt also briefly visited several landmarks in Shanghai: Shanghai is really beautiful. My hotel is just around the Bund. At night, through the window, we can see the night view of Huangpu River. In addition, Oscar has appointed me, maybe to take me around.

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