Zheng Sai-sai Zhengzhou started the Chinese season confidently: good mentality will not lead to bad results

 Zheng Sai-sai Zhengzhou started the Chinese season confidently: good mentality will not lead to bad results

Zheng Net Welcomes Chinese Golden Flowers

The top WTA competition has settled in Zhengzhou, where Chinese golden flowers can compete with a number of good players at their doorsteps. Local warfare plays an extremely important role for them to further improve their ranking and accumulate experience.

The Golden Flower representing China in Zhengs campaign is Zheng Sai-sai. She won the WTA singles championship for the first time in her career after losing her laurels at last months top WTA event in San Jose. It is also the second Chinese player to win the singles championship in the top WTA competition after Li Na.

Zheng Net and San Jose Top Tournament belong to the same level. For Zheng Net, Zheng Sai said confidently: The experience of San Jose can give me a lot of help. What I want to do is to face the tournament with a more relaxed attitude and dedicate the wonderful tournament to Zhengzhou fans. In the face of competition, I believe that as long as I can handle the mentality well, the results will not be too bad.

It is worth mentioning that Zheng Sai-sai will not only participate in womens singles events, but also partner Duan Yingying to compete in womens doubles. How to rationally distribute physical strength in Zhengs net competition is also a big problem that Zheng needs to solve.

The battlefield of US Open is not full of good hands gathering in Zhengzhou

With its outstanding level of competition, the first Zheng Net attracted many top WTA star players to participate in the competition. Priscova, Svetorina, Beltens, Sabarenca, Cobel and so on all appeared.

Czech veteran Priscova, now ranked third in the world, has a strong explosive forehand. She was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2017, but then slipped down and was unfortunately reversed in the US Open Top Eight. Fortunately, hard court is the type of venue she is best at, which is also an important basis for her impact on higher rankings. This Zhengzhou Open Tennis Championship, Kapp is bound to fight hard to win the cup.

The worlds fifth-ranked Svetorina and seventh-ranked Beltens performed a good show for the audience in last years WTA year-end tournament. You came and went, the score rose alternately, and it took 160 minutes for Svetorina, the Queen of the Super Five, to win Beltens. The two men went to Zheng. com at the same time. If they met, it would be a fierce battle.

Three-time Grand Slam winner Cobel also came to Zhengzhou to compete with his wild card. She has won the womens singles Championships at the Australian Open, the US Open and Wimbledon, and has occupied the worlds number one position for 34 weeks. She is one of the most professional players in WTA. But in the talented womens tennis arena, Cobels age pressure is greater, waiting for her will be the impact of many young players.

For me, its always a special experience to be able to take part in a brand-new race and see a new city. Im very excited about coming to Zhengzhou to compete because I know that Zhengzhou Tennis Open will be an excellent new member of the WTA Tour family, especially this years Zhengzhou Tennis Open is an important opening game of the Asian Tennis Season in 2019, Cobel said.

In terms of the schedule, the qualifying tournament is held on September 7 and 8, and the tournament is being held on September 9. The semi-finals will be held on September 14. The championship competition will begin at 14:00 p.m. on September 15. CCTV5 + will broadcast the womens singles and doubles finals live from 14:00 to 18:00.

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