Boys lean on the subway door to practice handstand Tiger Mother: no stop until the station

 Boys lean on the subway door to practice handstand Tiger Mother: no stop until the station

Boys lean on the subway door to practice handstand Tiger Mother: No stopping until they reach the station (Source: ~)

Recently, on Kunming Metro Line 3, a gymnastic boy and his tiger mother attracted the attention of passengers.

On the evening of September 3, Ms. Duan took a picture in the carriage of Kunming Metro Line 3. A boy practiced gymnastics while his mother did not stop him.

The subway was running, and the little boy practiced handstand between the two doors of the train for a long time.

Ms. Duan: It looks really dangerous. There are parents around, but his mother is shouting that you cant get off without standing. In the middle of the two doors were the words No Dependence written, but they just didnt read it at all.

Ms. Duan said that from Panjiawan Station to Mianshan Station, the boy not only practiced handstand, but also lifted his body upward, but the parents did not stop the whole process.

Ms. Duan: If a child is not sensible, does his parents care about it? I think his mothers heart is too big when shes on the side. On the one hand, the car is open, let the child stand upside down in the middle, if there is any sudden stop or any unexpected situation, how can the child fall down? In the process of upside down, kick or hit other passengers, I think parents really have a big responsibility in it.

In order to further standardize civilized passenger behavior, Kunming Transportation Bureau has issued a draft of revised Kunming Urban Rail Transit Passenger Code, which supplements the contents of groups and civilized passengers who are not suitable to ride alone.

In order to regulate passenger behavior, the newly revised Kunming Urban Rail Transit Passenger Code clearly defines the groups that are not suitable for traveling alone. Mental patients, mentally handicapped persons, children under 8 years old and drunken persons should be accompanied by guardians or healthy adults before entering the station.

The revised draft adds to the relevant order of civilized passenger riding and cancels the regulation of standing on the right side of the escalator. The reason is that the force on the right side of the escalator is unbalanced and there are potential safety hazards. It is also clear in the revised draft that no loud noise shall be allowed in the train and no sound shall be emitted outside the use of electronic equipment. An adult can take a child less than 1.3 meters in the car free of charge, and more than a number of children need to buy tickets. Passengers have the obligation to accept safety inspection on their own initiative. They must pass the security inspection before they can enter the station and take the bus.

The rules increase the prohibition of passengers. Inbound passengers are prohibited from carrying inflammable and explosive articles, bicycles other than folding bicycles, skateboards, skates and other alternative vehicles in stations and trains, low-altitude floats such as balloons, food on board and so on. Finally, the revised draft also regulates the passengersdishonest behavior, and clearly punishes such acts as ticket evasion and influencing the order of passengers in the Metro area.

Metro riders should abide by the relevant rules. There is nothing trivial about safety, which is responsible for themselves and others.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Luo Chongwei_NB12082