Husband and wife lost their son and found out that their sons blood type was not right. They kept secret with their husband for 10 years.

 Husband and wife lost their son and found out that their sons blood type was not right. They kept secret with their husband for 10 years.

Xiao Li, the youngest son, was going to get married. It was a happy thing, but Big Sister Wang couldnt sleep all night. She hesitated again and again. She decided to tell the secret hidden in her heart for 10 years: Son, you are not born by your mother...

Hearing this, the youngest son was silent. Before going to the medical appraisal office, he said to his mother, No matter what the result, I will always be your son. After paternity testing, the youngest son and Wang Dajies husband and wife do not have blood relationship.

At the moment of getting this result, the youngest son also told the secret hidden in his heart, Mom, in fact, I knew it when I was 16 years old for physical examination. Although he has long found that his blood type is different from his parents, he also chose to keep this secret, he said, companionship is the best reward.

When the secret was revealed, good news came. In June this year, Big Sister Wang finally found Xiao Liu, the abducted son, and Xiao Li, the youngest son, also found his own biological parents. Both families had a dream of reunion. At that moment, Miss Wangs yearning, suffering and pain all melted away.

Twenty-six years, a long secret hard journey, as a mother, Wang Dajie gradually aging, two younger sons have grown up...

1 Search for Son

The youngest son lost and found nothing.

Iriditis in eyes washed with tears

Holding a yellowing black-and-white photo in her hand, Mrs. Wangs mind suddenly returned to 26 years ago. It was the only picture of my son before he was abducted. In the picture, he was 3 years old, wearing a wool cap and laughing at the corners of his mouth.

When he was a child, he laughed so sweetly that he felt his heart would melt. Nowadays, Aunt Wang still keeps this picture. She puts it in her wallet, but seldom takes it out to look at it. I really dont know how I survived the year when my child lost it.

In the early 1990s, Big Sister Wang opened a grocery store outside Hexi Agricultural Market in Xichang City, Sichuan Province. In the eyes of neighbours, Aunt Wang has two lovely sons, who can be called a good mother. In those days when the salary level was not high, Aunt Wang paid a few dollars at a time to take the children to take pictures.

The two sons followed her, which was very attractive. Mrs. Wang remembered that once an old woman who often bought things passed by the store, and her youngest son ran to her happily when he saw it. The old woman smiled, My dear, I wont buy today. When I want to buy something, I will come back by myself.

At that time, Big Sister Wang and her husband had to plant some farmland. Every time they came home, Big Sister Wang was covered in mud. Every time her youngest son would come and let her hold them. Mom, kiss me one. The youngest son was smiling, but Sister Wang couldnt stand it. Kiss one on the left and another on the right. Hell put his little foot in my waist. Sometimes the youngest son cant stay down. Aunt Wang scratches his sons back. A few scratches, he comes down.

_Photos of Aunt Wangs biological son when he was three years old

Speaking of her younger sons childhood, she kept laughing, which seemed like a long mattress. When talking about the day when her younger son was lost, she lowered her tone and spoke slowly, which made it difficult to hide her sadness.

Back on the morning of July 30, 1993, it was a rainy day and a market day. The two sons are playing with small fish and shrimp outside the door. Im looking after the business in the shop. Around 11 a.m., the eldest son went home alone. Aunt Wang asked her brother where he had gone, but the eldest son said I dont know.

That day, from morning till midnight, Big Sister Wang and her husband were shouting in the street, Have you seen my son? Aunt Wang was in a hurry and went around asking her neighbors, but she couldnt find her 3-year-old son until dark.

That night, she stayed up all night, as if she had fallen from heaven to hell. The next day, Mrs. Wang, accompanied by her husband, reported the case to Xichang police. In the next few days, in order to find her youngest son, she mobilized relatives and friends, and even hired people to search around the surrounding towns and stations, and posted notices everywhere. Wherever theres a clue, well go and find it. I think Im going crazy. But theres no news about my youngest son.

Ever since her youngest son was lost, Sister Wang has been washing her face with tears. At that time, when she was young and careless, her eyes were dry and astringent, and she wanted to cry, but she couldnt shed any more tears. When she arrived at the hospital for examination, Aunt Wang suffered from iritis in both eyes.

The blood type of the little boy was not right.

She and her husband decided to keep the secret.

Every day counts the days, like a knife inserted in the chest, it is very difficult to endure. Recalling those experiences, Aunt Wang blushed her eyes again and again, and she gently wiped the corners of her eyes with her sleeves.

Of course, some people also said to Big Sister Wang, Give up! Or have another child. But for Mrs. Wang, its too difficult. If a mother doesnt love her child and loses it, I want to find him back.

In those months, Aunt Wang and her husband also went to Chengdu, Panzhihua, Kunming and other places to find their children. They were disappointed to return with their expectations. They closed the shop and spent all their savings at home.

Aunt Wang felt that she was unfortunate but fortunate. The turning point took place one day in April 1994.

The police told me that the case was solved. Traffickers caught it and your child was abducted to Fujian. Aunt Wang was overjoyed to hear the news, and the traffickers gave the specific address, but at that time there was no DNA relatives comparison technology. After her and her husband identified, she took a little boy home. He is too young to remember anything. He really looks like my eldest son.

_Aunt Wang holds a photo of her son when he was three years old.

When I first saw him, I found him tall and white, with big eyes, high nose and double eyelids. Aunt Wangs family was very happy, and the neighbors congratulated him, saying that the child was white and tall, and that he was very similar to his brother.

In order to compensate for her inner debt, Big Sister Wang gave Xiao Li, the youngest son, the most maternal love she had ever found. Better than his brother, buy whatever she wants. In 1995, she made a decision to go home and build a house for a quiet life. Without much hesitation, the family returned home. She farmed pigs at home, her husband worked to support the family, and her children went to school.

One morning in 1998, when Dajie Wangs house was flooded, she quickly pulled up her sleeping little son and ran out. When she ran out, the flood had overflowed her knees. The next morning, when the water receded, Aunt Wang took her children home, but most of the things in the house had been washed away, but the only black and white picture of her youngest son remained.

Life fell into a predicament, Wang Dajie and her husband were not discouraged. Fortunately, our family of four are safe, life is bitter, from the beginning, so slowly endure. Later, both children went to high school, and we also felt that there was a rush.

The family lived a simple but happy life until their youngest son was 18 years old. That year, just in time to change the second generation ID card, a family of four together to collect blood, Wang Dajie found something wrong.

After collecting the blood, the youngest son said he had to go first. Let me help him get the result. After the result comes out, I am a little confused. My husband and eldest son are type A blood, I am type O blood. Why is the youngest son type B blood? At that time, Mrs. Wang wondered if the doctor had made a mistake and asked the doctor, The doctor said that the child may not be yours.

Mrs. Wang was unwilling to believe the result and dared not think much about it. She stayed up all night. The youngest son has been raised for more than 10 years. We have already regarded him as her own flesh and blood. If we tell the truth to the child, will he be unable to bear it or run away from home? Numerous doubts and worries emerged in her mind.

Her worries are for a reason. Her youngest son was very naughty from an early age, and his grades were not very good. Skipping classes and fighting often happened. Please parents dont know how many times they invited him, and send him to study abroad, which costs more than his brother. Because her son was in rebellious adolescence, after discussing with her husband, Aunt Wang decided to keep the secret. What we want is to fulfill our responsibilities as parents.

3 Truth

The youngest son uncovered the secret before he got married

Its true that the identification is not biological, but the youngest son knows it long ago...

On the one hand, he accompanies his little son every day, on the other hand, he may also drift out of his own little son, which makes Big Sister Wang live in pain and suffering.

Later on many nights, Mrs. Wang often hid in bed and cried, trying to find her own son. Where is my own son? Hows he doing? But she finally gave up.

When Big Sister Wang quarrels with her husband, her youngest son will persuade both sides, which is the mediator of family relations. When were busy, hell help us cook. Someone at home is his chef. Hes very competent. On one occasion, the youngest son came back from a spring outing and bought a necklace for her mother, Big Sister Wang. This was the first time she received a gift. Im glad that my son has grown up and become sensible.

One year, my youngest son had a lot of rashes on him. He was quarantined in the hospital, and he was still festering. On the way home, I was thinking that the child was so pathetic and distressed me. Out of the protection of her children, Big Sister Wang did not choose a scientific way to further determine her parent-child relationship with her little son.

However, she decided to find an answer. In 2011, Aunt Wang told her eldest son and husband about her ideas. The three secretly registered information on the Babys Home website, but did not let the youngest son know. When she misses her son, she always hides where nobody sees her. She takes out the picture of her son and looks at it. Ive been hiding it all the time for fear that my family will know it.

Last year, Xiao Li, the youngest son, was going to get married. After many hesitations, Aunt Wang decided to tell the secret that had been buried in her heart for 10 years. I think hes all sensible, so dont hide it. Aunt Wang suggested paternity testing for her younger son. Son, youre not a mothers baby...

Xiao Li was silent, but finally promised to accompany Big Sister Wang to the medical appraisal institution. Before going to the hospital, the youngest son said to his mother, Big Sister Wang, Mom, whatever the result, I will always be your son.

A month later, the identification results showed that Xiao Li was not Sister Wangs biological.

At the moment of getting the result, Xiao Lis mood was a little complicated. He said to Big Sister Wang, Mom, in fact, I already knew the result. The youngest sons remarks made Big Sister Wang a little unexpected.

At this time, Xiao Li also told the secret hidden in his heart for 12 years, Although my mother told me when I was 28 years old, in fact, when I was 16 years old, I checked my blood type in school, and found that my blood type was different from that of my father and mother. In junior high school biology class, the teacher talked about this problem, and I cried in class, The teacher knows the situation, but also comfort me that these conclusions need scientific identification.

Xiao Li said that his parents were very kind to him and regarded him as his own, so he never told his family the news. I didnt want to hurt my parentshearts. At that time, I didnt have too many thoughts. I thought they were my parents. I want to accompany them as the best reward.

Xiao Li also supports and understands her mother, Sister Wang, in her search for her own son. In March this year, on his honeymoon, he also went to Quanzhou, Fujian Province, to help inquire about the news of his mothers biological son.

4 reunions

She found her parents.

The youngest son also found his parents, You are all my sons.

When deciding to find her own son, Mrs. Wang also wanted to help Xiao Li, the youngest son, find his own parents.

Last year, my parents supported me, hoping that I could find my biological parents. In March this year, according to previous clues, Xiao Li found the family he had stayed with in Fujian. They said that when I was a child, my family was poor, my mother ran away, my father could not afford it, and the price of 2000 yuan sold me. He also learned that he had lived in Fujian for more than a year. This news undoubtedly gave Xiao Li a heavy blow in his heart. He went home and said to Big Sister Wang, Mom, I dont need to find my biological parents. However, Sister Wang comforted him, Its certainly impossible, which parents will sell their own flesh and blood.

_Luo Min and Xiao Lis biological parents of Liangshan Public Security Police

On April 17 this year, Wang Dajie found Luo Min, the instructor of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Liangshan Public Security Bureau, hoping that the police would help find her biological son and Xiao Lis biological parents.

Luo Min has been engaged in kidnapping for more than 20 years and knows the pain of every lost child family. From these years of cases, DNA data comparison is an important way to find success. Luo Min said that two-way family search, the probability of finding a larger, if not timely blood collection into the warehouse, once the childs parents died, abducted children may not find a home for life.

Liangshan police attach great importance to this matter, immediately notify Wang Dajie and Xiao Li to collect blood, and put the information of blood collection into the database of kidnapping DNA of the Ministry of Public Security. In June this year, with the help of Liangshan police, CCTVs Waiting for Me column and Baby Going Home volunteers, Dajie Wangs DNA data was compared with a man surnamed Liu in Fujian, confirming that she was related. At present, Liangshan police are further verifying the case of that year.

The good news came one after another that Xiao Li, the youngest son, had succeeded in comparing his DNA data. Surprisingly, Xiao Lis biological parents are in Zhangmuqing Township, Xichang City, 30 kilometers away.

On June 18, this year, at the CCTV recording scene of Waiting for Me, Aunt Wang finally met her abducted son, who is now Xiao Liu, married and has children. Aunt Wang cried with her son in her arms. And Xiao Li, the youngest son, was reunited with her biological parents, Ms. Gaos family. Dad, Mom, I finally found you...

On July 10, 27 years later, Xiao Li went home and his parents set up dozens of banquets, a reunion dinner 27 years late.

On August 14, Xiao Liu, his biological son, went home and a banquet was held at Big Sister Wangs house.

Her mother, Ms. Gao, told Xiaoli that his original name was Huang, born on the second day of January 1991, and that his brother, who was three years old, had been abducted in 1992. You are only one year and eight months old. There were many people at the temple fair that day. My father and I worked in the field. You played at the door of the house and disappeared at noon. Your father and I never gave up looking for you. Several times, when I ride my bicycle, I have the illusion that you seem to be running around in front of me. When I reach out to hold you, I fall into the ditch.

(5) Xiao Lis biological mother has a family photo in her cell phone.

Once, Xiao Li thought that if he found his parents, he must ask, Why dont you want me? But when his mother talked about these experiences, he had an answer in his heart. In the days to come, he was going to walk on both sides. He had two mothers. One was born, one was raised.

_Mrs. Wang Dajie, Mrs. Wang Dajie and her biological son Xiaoliu (second right) and adoptive son Xiaoli (first right)

On August 14 this year, Xiao Liu, Wang Dajies biological son, also took his wife and children home. There were 25 banquets at home to welcome him. At the banquet, Xiao Liu said, Since then, I have a pair of parents, a brother, a brother, two families. Xiao Li enthusiastically told Xiao Liu about the changes in his hometown.

(5) Xiao Liu and Xiao Li took a photo with their biological parents, and the two families finally reunited.

_A group photo of Mrs. Wang Dajie, Mrs. Wang Dajie and her biological son Xiao Liu and the police

After the banquet, the family took a family photo for the first time. Looking at the two little sons in the photo, Mrs. Wang said with a smile, They are all my sons and look like me. After recognizing his relatives, Xiao Liu, his biological son, returned to Fujian to live, and maintained contact with Wang Dajie at ordinary times. I respect childrens choices, children live well, meet one another is enough. Wang Dajie said.

_Sister Wangs adopted son Xiao Li (right) and her biological son Xiao Liu (left)

Nowadays, the secret buried in her heart has been revealed, her son has been found, and the fortress in her breast for more than 20 years has finally been put down.

This is a mothers secret and also a mothers harvest. On CCTV in June this year, Mrs. Wang once held her two children tightly in tears and said, You are all my sons.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082