Foxconn responds to suspicions of temporary workers breaking the law: equal treatment with regular workers

 Foxconn responds to suspicions of temporary workers breaking the law: equal treatment with regular workers

On September 9, Foxconn Technologies Group provided a statement to reporters that it offered dispatched workers the same benefits and benefits as regular workers, in response to reports that foreign media had violated labor law by using a large number of temporary workers in the factory of Apple and Foxconn, its contract manufacturer, in Zhengzhou.

Foxconn said in its statement that it has always complied with national labor regulations and RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) code of conduct, has a sound internal communication and monitoring reporting mechanism, and regularly carries out audit improvements. The Group employees in the induction, training, trial phase are in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, all overtime follow the wishes of employees, and provide perfect safety and protection measures and health training courses.

In view of the intern cooperation plan, the Group clearly stipulates that interns are not allowed to work overtime or night shifts. In August, it conducted a comprehensive audit and correction of the use of interns in various factories in mainland China. According to the audit, there is no violation of regulations in the group including Zhengzhou factory area, and the proportion of interns is in line with the law.

Foxconn is discussing with relevant government units, customers and supply chain partners to gradually adjust the dispatched workersusage ratio norms, which involves the characteristics of the whole industry in the off-peak season and the employment structure.

Apple Foxconn has admitted that it is illegal to employ a large number of temporary workers to make the iPhone.

According to foreign media reports, China Labor Watch (CLW) released a new report that Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn used too many temporary workers in the worlds largest iPhone factory in China, violating Chinas labor law, and Foxconns working conditions were harsh. Subsequently, the two companies confirmed the issues identified in the report.