Female Doctor Designated for County Governor after 1980: Once worked in Xiongan New District

 Female Doctor Designated for County Governor after 1980: Once worked in Xiongan New District

On September 8, Renxian County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, held a county-wide meeting of leading cadres. It was announced that Comrade Yang Lei was appointed as a member, Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of the county committee, and nominated as a candidate for county governor; Comrade Long Fei was no longer appointed as deputy secretary, standing committee or member of the county committee.

Yang Lei Data Map (Source: Renxian Published)

Li Hailin, Secretary of the county and county Party committees, said that he resolutely obeyed and supported the decisions of the provincial and municipal Party committees and resolutely obeyed the personnel arrangements of the provincial and municipal Party committees. He pointed out that Comrade Long Fei, with his firm belief, clear mind, clear banner and firm stand, has devoted a lot of effort and made important contributions to the economic and social development of Renxian County. Under his leadership, the countys comprehensive strength has increased markedly, agricultural and rural economy has achieved new development, urban economy has stepped up to a new level, various social undertakings have made considerable progress, and the overall social and political situation has maintained harmony and stability. Comrade Yang Lei has high political quality, strong Party spirit, high theoretical level, and strong ability to control the overall situation and deal with complex problems. Comrade Yang Leis participation has injected new vitality into the leading group of Renxian County. It is hoped that Comrade Yang Lei will become familiar with the situation as soon as possible and enter into the role as soon as possible so as to live up to the heavy trust entrusted by provinces and municipalities and the ardent expectations of the cadres and masses in the county.

Yang Lei said that she resolutely obeyed and supported the organizational arrangements, thanked for the training and trust of the organization, would get familiar with the situation as soon as possible and quickly enter the role. Under the strong leadership of the county committee headed by Secretary Li Hailin, she found the gaps in the investigation and research, planned the future in the development and innovation, worked hard and forged ahead in the beginning. In my heart, I will continue to unite the strong force to promote the development of Renxian County.

Practice your own abilities and be politically firm. Strengthen the Four Consciousness, strengthen the Four Self-Confidence, achieve Two Maintenance, consciously put political discipline and rules in the first place and stand in the front.

Always read the essentials of oneself, and be wholehearted in serving the people. We will firmly establish the people-centered development idea, so that the people can respond to what they call for, what they want, what they think, what they are difficult, what they need, what they need and what they can do.

Reflect on your own responsibilities and do your duty. Efforts should be made to speak and act well in the county dialect and write well the chapter of Renxian in the new era of Chinas dream.

Be self-disciplined and self-motivated. Strictly abide by the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, consciously implement the Three Strictnesses and Three Solids, firmly establish a correct concept of power and political achievements, and adhere to the use of power according to law, impartiality and integrity.

Feng Shukui, the executive vice-minister of the Organizational Department of Xingtai Municipal Committee, pointed out that the personnel adjustment is to take into account the actual construction of county (city, district) leading groups in the province as a whole, strengthen the exchanges between provincial departments and county (city, district) cadres, strengthen the training of outstanding young cadres with high academic qualifications, and further optimize the structure of Party and government leading groups in counties (cities, districts). Important decisions made. Comrade Longfei is politically mature and has a high level of policy theory; he has rich experience in leadership, strong ability in organizing, coordinating and controlling the overall situation; he has clear working ideas, a strong sense of enterprise and responsibility, a modest, solid style of work, willingness to contribute and strict self-demand. Comrade Yang Lei is good at learning and has a high professional level. She is open-minded, innovative, solid, low-key, and able to work creatively in combination with reality.

Political Affairs noted that Yang Lei was a post-80s cadre who had been working in Hebei Financial College before.

According to the open resume, Yang Leisheng graduated from Agricultural Economics and Management Department of Hebei Agricultural University in October 1980 and in 2011. After graduation, she joined the Department of Economics and Trade of Hebei Finance College. During that time, she did postdoctoral research in Economics at the Institute of Quantitative Economy, Technology and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In 2014, Yang Lei served as Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Hebei Financial College, during which she was a visiting scholar at Purdue University in the United States.

In 2017, Yang Lei was appointed Member of the Party Committee and Director of the Institute of Finance of Hebei Finance College, and so on.

According to the official website, Hebei Financial College is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province. It is the only central and local co-construction university with distinctive financial characteristics in North and Northwest China.

In addition, Yang Lei also served as Deputy Director of Xiongan New Area Construction and Development Research Center.

Last November, Wang Dongfeng, Secretary of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee, held a discussion with the participants of the seventh training course for young and middle-aged cadres in the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. Yang Lei participated in the symposium as a student representative and reported her learning experience to Wang Dongfeng.

Yang Lei pointed out that in order to create a new business card of high-quality development in Hebei Province in the new era, we should cultivate and build a strong board and play two cards well. The first card is to play the financial innovation card for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The second is to create a leading area for the transformation of financial scientific and technological achievements.

It is reported that Wang Dongfeng paid great attention to Yang Leis report. Due to the limitation of the length of the discussion, he invited Yang Lei to submit a written report on Financial Innovation and Risk Prevention in Xiongan New Area after inviting Yang Lei to continue in-depth exchanges.

At this symposium, Wang Dongfeng stressed that the Party committees at all levels in the province should take the training, selection and use of young cadres as a major political task, care for and care for young cadres, and create a good political, social and public opinion environment for young cadres to start their own businesses and carry out their work.

According to the official website, Renxian is located in the southern part of Hebei Province. It is situated at the superposition of four national key development zones: Bohai Rim Economic Zone, Central Plains Economic Zone, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and Central-South Hebei Region. It is an important node connecting North China, the eastern coast and Central Plains Economic Zone. It is less than 200 kilometers from the planning area of Xiongan New Area. Within the radius of 400 kilometers, there are six municipalities directly under the Central Government and provincial capitals of Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang.

Resume of Yang Lei

Yang Lei, female, Han nationality, born in October 1980, was born in Rongcheng, Hebei Province. She joined the Party in March 1999 and worked in September 2007. She graduated from the Business School of Hebei Agricultural University with a masters degree and a doctorate in management.

2007.09-2008.09 Department of Economics and Trade, Hebei University of Finance;

2008.09-2011.07 Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Management, Business School, Hebei Agricultural University.

From July 2011 to January 2014, he worked in the Department of Economics and Trade, Hebei University of Finance. (Among them, the Institute of Quantitative Economy, Technology and Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, did postdoctoral research in economics from June 2013 to June 2016.)

From January 2014 to February 2017, he served as Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Hebei Finance College. (Among them, he was a visiting scholar at Purdue University from February 2014 to September 2014.)

From February 2017 to May 2017, Director of Finance Research Institute of Hebei Finance College and Deputy Director of Xiongan New Area Construction and Development Research Center;

From May 2017 to August 2019, Member of the Party Committee and Director of the Institute of Finance, Hebei Finance Institute; (among them, CICERO, Norway, was a visiting scholar in August 2018; and participated in the 7th Youth Class of Hebei Provincial Party School from October 2018 to November 2019)

2019.09 - Hebei is a member, Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of county committees, and nominates candidates for the post of county governor.

Source: Editor in charge of political affairs: Luo Chongwei_NB12082