Kangde New Internal Circular Steady Military Heart: Libaos Listing Status

 Kangde New Internal Circular Steady Military Heart: Libaos Listing Status

The Bulletin mainly includes four points: actively taking measures to conduct the SFCs defense hearing, actively implementing short-term liquidity funds to relieve liquidity difficulties, stabilizing customer relations and gradually restoring normal production order, and actively dealing with and negotiating debt issues, and safeguarding the companys legitimacy through prosecution and response to lawsuits. Rights and interests.

The aforementioned person told the Beijing News reporter: The new chairman of the board of directors sent this bulletin, but also think of the role of stabilizing the armys heart.

At the shareholdersmeeting held on August 26, Mr. Wu Xingjun, the new chairman of Kangde New, said that Kangde New is facing three main problems: first, serious shortage of liquidity and lack of suitable funds to enter at any cost; second, the loss of key personnel is very serious, and the company has done a lot of retaining work; Customer confidence is frustrated. Whether the company has the ability to continue is the main concern of customers. The company is visiting and reassuring key customers to stabilize market confidence and ensure stable production and operation.

Kang Dexin said in the Bulletin that in view of the companys debt crisis, suspected financial fraud and other special circumstances, on July 5 received the prior notice of administrative penalty from the SFC. For this reason, the company will actively take measures to carry out the SFCs dialectical hearing and organize the backbone forces to prior notice of administrative penalty. And the illegal facts of internal verification, and engage lawyers, accountants and other professional teams to help the company together to carry out the SFC marking and defense, hearing preparation.

Kang Dexin further said that the company will actively safeguard the interests of the company, employees and shareholders through legal compliance to ensure the companys listing status.

To actively implement short-term liquidity and relieve liquidity difficulties, Kang Dexin said in the circular that on the one hand, the company improves the efficiency of fund use by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, shutting down some loss-making businesses, etc. On the other hand, the territorial Government and relevant departments actively intervene to designate a special relief platform company. In order to guarantee the companys continuing operation and provide 150 million yuan of capital support to ensure normal production, the main body of collecting and paying on behalf of the company is to guarantee the companys continuing operation.

Kang Dexin further said that at present, the relevant government departments have made every effort to assist the company to recover large amounts of illegal funds. Up to now, more than 80 million yuan of funds have been successfully recovered, all of which are used to guarantee the wages of employees and the basic production and operation capital needs of the company.

In addition, Kang Dexin said in the Notice that in the early stage, due to the lack of liquidity, the company could not effectively organize production and complete customer order delivery. Some customers had doubts about the companys sustainability, and gradually reduced the companys orders. To this end, the company is actively communicating with key customers, obtaining customer understanding, and striving to maintain follow-up cooperation with customers, to ensure the stability of core customers.

Finally, Kang Dexin said that since the outbreak of the debt crisis, the company has actively docked and negotiated with relevant creditors to solve the debt repayment problem. At the same time, it has actively participated in various lawsuits against the company and its subsidiaries, and legitimately and reasonably safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the company through prosecution, litigation, consultation and other means.

Source: Wang Xiaowu_NF, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper