LGs first public roll call Samsung: Your 8K TV is fake 8K

 LGs first public roll call Samsung: Your 8K TV is fake 8K

We dont think Samsungs 8K TV is really 8K, Park Hengshi, Executive Vice President of LG Television Business Operations Center, said at a press conference on IFA 2019. Consumers need to know that the products they buy are not worth that price.

Park Hengshi also said that product testing and certification agencies Intertek and VDE tested Samsung, LG and Sonys commercial 8K TV. The results showed that the CM of Samsungs QLED 8K TV was only 12%, far below the threshold of 50% of the 8K standard, while that of Sonys 8K TV was 70% and that of LG electronic products was 90%.

Regarding the accusation of LG Electronics, President Han Zongxi, Minister of VD Business of Samsung Electronics (Video Display Department), retorted that Samsung led the development of 8K. It is regrettable that LG Electronics made such remarks. In order to catch up with No. 1, defamation is the basic way.

According to reports, LG Electronics plans to hold another news event in Seoul, South Korea, on 17 January to further discuss the 8K TV specifications.

Although there is still a lack of 8K content resources on the market, major enterprises have entered the 8K market one after another. Samsung Electronics launched 8K TV for the first time last year. At the beginning of this year, it formed 8K association with Chinese TCL, Hisense and Panasonic.

Two Korean companies have recently launched technical competition for picture quality upgrading. LG Electronics has independently developed a 2-generation alpha-9 processor, which can optimize image quality and sound. Samsung Electronics has developed a quantum processor, which can automatically optimize movie resources through an AI engine.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Wang Xiaowu_NF