Members of the Hong Kong Executive Council: The protestors kneeling and crying at the subway station are acting

 Members of the Hong Kong Executive Council: The protestors kneeling and crying at the subway station are acting

The picture shows Luo Fanjiaofeng.

Overseas Network, Sept. 9 (OOCN) -- Recently, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Executive Council member Luo Fan Jiaofeng participated in recording radio programs, in which he criticized the protestorsactions outside the Princes subway station as acting.

On September 9, Luo Fan Jiaofeng participated in the live recording of Radio Hong Kongs English program Backchat, in which he pointed out that the protestors claimed that six people were killed at Princes Station and knelt and wept, which was nonsensical and described them as acting in order to stir up anger and encourage more people. Come out and fight on.

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao on September 9, a netizen claiming to be after two consecutive months of unannounced visits, into the inside of the Yellow Silk recently wrote in the social media, explaining his views on the mentality of the mob, calling on all sectors of society to join hands in finding good medicine to rescue the brainwashed children, so that they can get lost and never follow suit again. Wave drift.

The author admits that the so-called fellow travelers have been extremely identified with the homeless men and women who joined the riot. They flatter and care for each other. Men and men quickly form comrades-in-arms. Men and women become lovers. Even Huang and women appeal to marry Yongwu. In addition, three or five groups of people encourage each other before the start of each riot. The core members can enjoy drug treatment. The organizers say that drug distribution is paralyzing nerve can resist. The baton.

The author says frankly that it is ridiculous and sad that behind these childrensHong Kong independenceis face, which has a direct and fatal relationship with the endless hate-provoking comments and articles on social platforms and the unwillingness of some minors to take the time to find the truth, so that they can easily be brainwashed. Drift with the tide, filled with hatred. The author said: Every time I write a paragraph, my mood is sinking. I hope people from all walks of life will work together to find the real cause of the disease and prescribe the right medicine for it.

Prior to this, an unsubstantiated information was disseminated on the Internet, referring to the death at the Prince Station of Hong Kong Railway on the evening of August 31. The HKSAR Government issued a solemn statement on 7 September to dispel the rumors that have been spreading continuously in recent days, emphasizing that there have been no fatal cases in the past three months of law enforcement operations.

A spokesman for the HKSAR Government stressed that all the statements on the Internet that ignore the above facts are not only wrong, but also malicious rumors. The spokesman pointed out that these irresponsible rumors continue to spread on the Internet, intending to mislead the public and stimulate social differentiation and discontent while the government is sincerely building a platform for dialogue. The government expressed its deep regret.

Yang Guang, spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, also said at a press conference on September 3 that the actions of a small number of rioters were beyond the scope of normal demonstrations and assemblies and that their actions constituted violent crimes in any country, region and legal system.

Spokesman Xu Luying also said that strong measures should be taken to stop anyone, in any name, using incitement and threats to induce young students to participate in radical political activities, to protect studentsright to education from interference, and to return to the campus with purity and tranquility.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850