Two teenagers dropped out of school and the President let the couples defendants go to court.

 Two teenagers dropped out of school and the President let the couples defendants go to court.

A couple in Puan County, Guizhou, was sued by the local township government for refusing to fulfill their obligation to send their children to school. Today (September 9), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the Puan County Peoples Court hearing the case that, after mediation, the couple admitted their mistake in court and promised to send two minor children back to school immediately.

The scene of the trial. Court confession

Staff members of the Puan Peoples Court said that on September 8, the Puan Peoples Court held a public hearing in the Khmer High School circuit to hear the case of refusing to fulfill the obligation of sending children to school. The court found that the defendant, Lu Mou and Luo Mou, were two villagers of Hida village in Khmer Township, Puan County. They had two sons, aged 17 and 14, respectively. They were both nine-year compulsory education students. They had dropped out of school since September 2018.

It is understood that the results of dropping out of the Department are not satisfactory, and some of them are tired of learning. The above staff said that as parents, Lu and Luo were laissez-faire. Family conditions can send children to school, mainly ideological issues. After discovering the situation of dropout, the relevant staff of Puan County Education Bureau, Khmer Township Peoples Government and school teachers repeatedly failed to communicate with the couple.

Since June 3, 2019, the Khmer Township Peoples Government has issued the Notice of Returning to School for Compulsory Education to the two defendants four times in a row, requiring the two defendants to send their two children to Khmer Township High School for re-education, but the two defendants still ignored it, failed to fulfill the obligations of legal guardians as required by the notice, and have allowed their children to drop out of school. On August 21, 2019, the Khmer Township Peoples Government filed a lawsuit with the Puan County Peoples Court, requesting the Peoples Court to order the two defendants to fulfill their legal guardianship responsibilities and send the two minor children to school in time to continue their studies.

After the Circuit Court finds out the facts, the Court announces to the two defendants the relevant legal provisions such as the Constitution, the Compulsory Education Law and the Minor Protection Law, and informs the guardian of the legal consequences of not fulfilling his guardianship duties. After mediation, the two defendants expressed their regret in court and admitted their mistake in writing. They promised to send the two minor children to Khmer High School for further study immediately until they finished their studies.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper