Media: Beauty corrupt officials and the most beautiful wanted criminals are sad without asking Yan Duan?

 Media: Beauty corrupt officials and the most beautiful wanted criminals are sad without asking Yan Duan?

Why does a common criminal case almost become a hot spot? Why did an insignificant suspect almost become a net red? The reason is very simple, just because she is a beautiful woman of wonderful age - these days, a video of 20-year-old high-profile female suspects interviewed has been circulated on the Internet repeatedly, even the mainstream portal website can not be spared, a suspect named Qing Chenqiang, because it is said that much attention has broken the standard for her long-term reunion. Jiao, let her express the voice of make a net red after coming out. Qing Chenjingqiang is still in detention centre and is still in the stage of trial and prosecution. Why does our media break through all the barriers and insist on doing her special interview? Its just because of the word beautiful woman.

In fact, Qing Chenjingqiangs much attention has been the second stir-frying fever. Ten months ago, when the Sichuan police issued a warrant for her arrest, a hot stream was boiling on the Internet -- the most beautiful wanted criminal Laurel was immediately added to her head, the first beauty suspect title, so that millions of people do not know what the crime of the wanted person is? In a word, the overwhelming jade photographs, in a word, the dazzling sunshine - Qing Chen Jing later fell into the net, which was silent for half a year. These days, because of the prosecution, they came to stir-fry hot again.

Of course, about the most beautiful suspect, it is not only this Qing Chen Jing who is hot. Two years ago, Huang Honghong, a Red Man who fled abroad, returned to China to submit his case. What has been the focus of attention online and offline? The most beautiful fugitive is back! Jade photos of yellow and red are enlarged and posted. The beauty of yellow and red is exaggerated and exaggerated. Whats more, more than ten websites jointly launched the selection of the most beautiful red link and arranged the photos of dozens of female suspects in 100 red links one by one. You see, is yellow and red the most beautiful and the first red link beauty? As for Huang Hongs involvement in what cases, how much money was involved and where he had escaped, who knows? In a moment, Red Tong is also a beauty contest? There was a lot of anecdote going on.

Cheng Kejie was executed. It seems that few people know what rules he had violated, but Li Ping, known as mistress of Cheng Kejie, is still unforgettable. Li Pings photos, Li Pings face and Li Pings gorgeous history have become talks in the streets and lanes. After Jin Daoming was taken down, who asked the Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee how much he was greedy and how much he received? However, Yuzhao of Hus Sister Flowers has attracted much attention on the Internet, and there are still a lot of clicks. Of course, there is also the famous woman greedy Jiang Mouping, for many years, only know that she is a beautiful woman or even Yan Bo, how many color officers have been thrown down, as to where Vice President Jiangs crime is, I am afraid the public has not been clear for more than ten years.

Recently, another beautiful mayor has fallen off the horse - Jiang Mou, Vice Mayor of Wuwei City, for the sake of eye-catching, has put on the label of beautiful woman to her with big headlines and small titles, which is not the weight of a beautiful mayor, but the most highly concerned one is still about her power and color trade, which is said to have been excavated by many media websites. Although the details of such scandals have been empty-handed up to now, the interest and enthusiasm have not diminished at all. As for Jiangs going in, it is actually due to the bribery of 14.39 million yuan, which seems to have something to pay attention to?

The love of beauty, according to the law, is universal and full of interest, which seems to be justifiable. The interest in beautiful women was originally in the entertainment circle, and later spread to other countries, ranging from beautiful womens defense chief to the most beautiful journalist and even the most beautiful tea girl in the hall of our peoples congress. This is all right. Unexpectedly, at the time of serious anti-corruption and anti-corruption as well as severe criminal strikes, many people pay attention to it. First of all, it is about their beauty and sexy, such cosmeticism and full of interest, I am afraid it will be a sigh - these days, 20-year-old high-profile female suspects again popular, is not quite a teachingnable nausea?

Gao Yanduan female fugitive was arrested after being wanted and married by 12 Hummers.

The Ministry of Public Security announced on 24 that 50 A-level wanted criminals, including Shanxi wanted criminal Kou Jingyao, were captured by Taiyuan Wanberlin police at a residential building in Yuci at 20:30 last night.

Most wanted criminals are transferred to prosecution! The Gang cheated 20,000 netizens for 30 minutes

Chengbei Branch issued a notice to the fugitives of the fraud gang. Among them, Qingchen Moqiang attracted the attention of netizens because of his outstanding appearance. Afterwards, the fugitive suspects including Qingchen Moqiang were brought to justice one after another.