Official lighting of the soul of rally competition World Cross-Country Championship 8 (WRC 8) officially opens

 Official lighting of the soul of rally competition World Cross-Country Championship 8 (WRC 8) officially opens

As the official game of FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), WRC8 will start with the WRC season in 2019. This episode will be more focused on simulation, new racing cars, more advanced physical systems, and unique dynamic weather change system, all bring players a highly realistic experience. In just a few seconds, players will respond appropriately to different roads, road conditions and weather conditions, with their own skills and technical driving licenses, racing cars, and advancing with the goal of superiority.

Rich content

WRC8 includes drivers and legendary models from WRC-2 and Junior WRC classes, as well as 100 special locations in 14 countries around the world, providing players with a full pull racing experience. The unrepeatable drivers career model enables players to experience the journey of becoming a legendary driver: negotiation with the leader and team, communication with different team members, scheduling, recruiting new members, designing different competition strategies, etc. to work together towards the sole goal: Win the world championship!

Joint development with professionals

During the development of the game, KTRacing, the developer of WRC8, not only cooperated with engineers and mechanics of different official teams, but also invited racing drivers to participate in the race, and experienced and helped adjust with top electric candidates. Together, KTRacing contributed a lot to the development of WRC8. After absorbing various professional opinions, WRC8 is absolutely a highly realistic simulation game that is no different from the real WRC events.

The Soul of Competition

WRC8 will play an electric race in the rally in Wales in early October. WRC8 is scheduled to return in 2020, when different challenges will be held every week. Players will be able to participate in these competitions and compete with drivers from different parts of the world.

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