In those years, artists competed for positions together.

 In those years, artists competed for positions together.

Just this morning, Wang Mainland Studio also issued a statement that Wang Mainland was invited to play the role of No. 1 Men in Little Wishes. In line with his duty, Wang Mainland has incurred a disaster without arrogance.

It also denies pressing other artists.

Therefore, it seems that there is no pressure between artists, so it is the problem of the film.

No, apologies follow.

The apology said it was the fault of the production department. Peng Yuchang and Wang Mainland were listed as No. 1 Men when they signed the contract.

But geese, fans dont buy it.

Subsequently, Peng Yuchangfang issued a notice of breach of contract.

Its not over yet.

Some netizens reported that the official account profile of the film directly removed Peng Yuchangs name and changed it to the story of two boys played by Wang Mainland and Wei Daxun.

At this time, fans are distressed Peng Yuchang is still dancing a big bowl of bread noodles on live broadcast.

Subsequently, the film responded that the platform grabbed the wrong information, which has now been corrected __________.

From the withdrawal to renaming to the current torn position, the film is really not easy.

It is said that Painted Skin 2 is the originator of tearing up the position.

Zhao Wei is not satisfied with the ranking, and Zhou Xun is not compatible, but also in the dressing room to fall stools.

The industry rule is that the ranking on the left is higher than that on the right.


It is said that from the beginning of the propaganda, the film was ranked second by Andy Lau.

As a result, Jing Tian was second when the poster came out.

In response, Liu Dehua explained: It is my requirement to play this position in particular. Im still confident. Put me behind. Im not afraid. I think Im important. As long as you think Im important, I dont care where I am.

This high EQ response is absolute.

The Brides Battle did not escape the contest for a place.

Look at the poster, baby Yang Yings name is in front, but in the film its Ni Nis name.

But this time, there are not many people who pay attention to it, and it has not become a hot topic of discussion.

But that years hot IP drama Tomb Piracy Notes can be said to tear out the circle.

At that time, Jing Bairans agent sent a microblog and deleted it seconds later.

The phrase lets not tear aroused the curiosity of countless fans.

Official micro-release content is in front of Deer Hao, Jing Bairan in the last.

For such a ranking, Movie Tomb Piracy Notes responded to fans, calling it Let Jing Bairan crush the axle.

Jing Berans agent said: Since Lujia is the first, we must be the last, the order does not want to change, maximize the distance.

PS jigsaw puzzles are not accepted.

Even a lawyers letter.

Jing Bairan wanted to inform Deer fans of slandering Jing Fang for stealing, exposing the stills in advance, and returning PS ugly photos.

Deer Haofang issued a statement that it cherishes the cooperation, but has its own insistence and bottom line.

Perhaps the propaganda side will take a position to hype the topic and involve the artistsfans, causing waves of enthusiasm.

But as an actor, you still have to polish your acting skills eventually. Even if it is not the first time, good acting skills will make the audience remember you.


Source: Sun Yilin_NK5261, Editor-in-Charge of Manuscript Editorial Department