Cyclists destroy most of the tank battalions at a time! Polish old armored vehicles equipped with 24 missiles, counter-attack force

 Cyclists destroy most of the tank battalions at a time! Polish old armored vehicles equipped with 24 missiles, counter-attack force

But airplanes are just carriers. Basically, except for geeks like A10, the most powerful weapon against tanks is missiles.

Because the load is limited, the maximum load of an aircraft is usually no more than 16 missiles, so people with big brains think, why not install missiles on armored vehicles and add them to the limit?

Poland recently launched a tank fighter car to land the hole.

The idea is very simple. Sulfur rocket missiles are installed on the Polish BWP-1 armored vehicle (that is, BMP-1 Polish version). The number of installed missiles is not dozens, but 24 at one go!

Yes, thats the equivalent of a half-Apache helicopter carrying enough ammunition to destroy most of the tank battalions.

Polands new tank fighter vehicle.

The missile was placed in three launching boxes, one box with eight rounds, and the top of the armored vehicle was crowded.

BMP-1 armored vehicle is a very weak weapon. It has thin skin and big stuffing. It can not hit or beat. The number of explosions in previous wars is countless. But when it is loaded with sulphur rocket missiles, it becomes a long-range high-attack weapon.

Because sulfur stone belongs to the third generation of anti-tank missile, it is not used after launching, and it is very powerful.

The sulphur rocket missile, known as the British version of Hellfire, has a range of up to 12 kilometers, far beyond the range of tank guns.

Britains Sulphur Rock missile.

The missile weighs 48.5 kilograms and uses solid fuel motor. Its flight speed is 450 meters per second. It belongs to supersonic anti-tank missile.

It uses a millimeter waveguide seeker. The dual-frequency version also adds laser guidance, which can be used day and night. The hitting accuracy is less than 1 meter.

The warhead uses a series warhead, which can deal with reactive armor and has the ability to destroy existing main battle tanks.

The Sulphur Rock missile took part in Afghanistan for the first time in 2009, but the Taliban had no armored targets to destroy. The British used it to kill a Taliban sniper on a roof. In the air raids on Libya in 2011, a large number of sulfur stone missiles were also used, which achieved good results and proved the practical value of such weapons.

The Soviet Union produced two prototype IT-1 cars in April 1964 and limited the production of 220 between 1968 and 1970.

The Polish version of the missile tank fighter vehicle is very similar to the Soviet Unions IT-1 rocket tank.

IT-1 was a star weapon that the Soviet Union integrated many sophisticated technologies into one. It removed tank guns and replaced it with 15 3M7 Dragon-type anti-tank missiles, which were far more accurate at long range than tank guns, and could launch multiple missiles at one time against multiple targets. It was a fairly sci-fi technology in that year. Surgery.

In the scenario, the IT-1 tank has an overwhelming advantage over the traditional tank, its 3000-meter distance static-to-static launch, hitting rate as high as 98%.

But under the rigid system of the Soviet Army at that time, IT-1 had a miserable fate. Because of poor maintenance, it was difficult for IT-1 to exert its real strength when it was equipped with troops. In addition, it also had certain defects, such as a minimum range of 300 meters, which meant that it could not fight in close combat, and its long-range capability made its armor advantage become a drag. Armored units, which are accustomed to using traditional tanks, also opposed the new device, so they were soon dismounted.

The 3M7 anti-tank missile was guided by optical tracking and semi-automatic radio command. Its guidance mode was designed with automatic frequency conversion function, which enabled the fighter tank to launch multiple missiles at the same time while traveling to attack different targets. This was a very sci-fi cutting-edge technology at that time.

From the present point of view, the main reason for the dismal departure of missile tanks is that the missile technology defects of that year were too big.

The guidance system of 3M7 dragon anti-tank missile is very bulky and has dead angle of shooting, and its guidance mode is quite backward. Although static-to-static shooting accuracy is very high, the hit rate of moving-to-moving shooting is only 15% at 3000 meters distance, and the shooting distance at night is only 600 meters.

Moreover, the process of missile launching is relatively complex, and it needs to be reloaded after the launch, so the efficiency is relatively low.

The BMP-1 with sulfur stone is on display at the Polish International Defense Industry Exhibition.

Polish tank fighter vehicles have solved these problems quite well. A lighter body means more maneuverability. Missiles can be launched intensively using launch boxes. Whats more, it also has indirect attack capability, that is, after determining the range of the target, it does not need to lock the direct launch, detect and locate in the air, and then launch an attack, which can greatly simplify the launch process and get the first hand.

Of course, this kind of tank fighter car is not without shortcomings, its biggest problem is that it is too expensive.

Sulfur Rock missiles have advanced performance and high price. Each missile costs 175,000 pounds or 260,000 dollars, and 24 missiles totals 6.24 million dollars. With the car body, such a missile fighter car is worth less than 10 million dollars, more expensive than an advanced main battle tank, and the BWP-1 car body has little protection. Although it does not need to fight with the tank in close combat, in case of encounter with the enemy soldier unit, a small rocket bomb is enough to send it, even if it is dropped. The losses are also extremely heavy.

Polands development of such extreme weapons, the enemy is naturally Russian tanks, in the heart of European countries, the steel torrent of the former Soviet Union is still a lingering shadow.

Red Arrow 10 Antitank Missile.

In fact, the PLA also has equipment, that is, the Red Arrow 10 missile launcher.

It uses 04A infantry combat vehicle as chassis, and has four missile launching boxes and two launching boxes, totaling eight Red Arrow 10 missiles.

Home-made Red Arrow 10 missile adopts infrared + TV guidance technology, uses optical fiber to transmit signals, and has the function of man-in-the-loop. After launching, the missile can adjust in real time according to the battlefield situation, change the target, or search for the positioning target after launching. It has high flexibility, and it is not affected by the terrain and can be concealed. Attacking targets beyond sight or hitting tanks on the other side of the hill.

Red Arrow 10 uses top-attack trajectory, heavy warhead will kill the existing main battle tank at a single blow, high precision and power, the range also reaches 10 kilometers, if necessary, Red Arrow 10 can also hit a helicopter flying at low altitude.

Of course, the design of the Red Arrow 10 missile launcher is much lower-key. After all, there is no enemy on the ground that needs the PLA to build a large number of missiles.

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