Wang Qian took over the flag of China Golden Flower and confessed that his goal was to win the Grand Slam.

 Wang Qian took over the flag of China Golden Flower and confessed that his goal was to win the Grand Slam.

Wang Qian appears in the Central Plains Tennis Center.

On September 9, Beijing time, the 2019 U.S. Open has come to an end. Nadal, the 33-year-old Spanish king, won his 19th Grand Slam championship, while Anderscu, the 19-year-old Canadian novice, took the womens singles championship from Xiao Wei.

So far, the four Grand Slams of this season have all ended, which also declares the end of the second decade of this century. Standing at this key point, in addition to the continued monopoly of the three giants and the blooming of womens tennis, Chinas golden flowers have also made their own breakthroughs.

As the first sister of Chinese tennis, Wang Qiang has created the best record of his career in the current US Open. She defeated No. 2 seed Batty in the 1/8 finals, ranked first in the top 8 of the Grand Slam and became the fifth person in China after Li Na, Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai and Zhang Shuai.

For their own breakthroughs, facing surging journalists, Mei Tan is both generous and shy - Everyones goal is a Grand Slam.

Wang Qian came to a practice match with enthusiastic fans.

The US Open broke into the Top 8, totally unexpected

Although regrettably unable to participate in the first Zhengzhou Tennis Open, Wang Qiang appeared in the Central Plains Tennis Center on September 8. In a casual dress, she wore a small braid on her head and came to a practice match with enthusiastic fans.

Just a week ago, Wang Qiang just finished his journey to the US Open. In New York, she has made a new breakthrough in her career, making her first Grand Slam finals in the top eight, and she has never been in the third round of the four Grand Slams before.

For their magical performance, China Jinhua said it was totally unexpected, After Wimbledon, I rested for three weeks because of my waist injury. In fact, I wasnt fully prepared before playing (US Open). I mainly focused on getting back to my state, so I didnt expect to achieve such a good result.

In fact, Wang Qian did well in the previous Wimbledon. She broke into the top 32 and equalized her best record in Wimbledon. She lost her career to Belgian sister Meltens for the first time in the next 16 finals.

Although Wangs new coach, Frenchman Drouet, was very satisfied with his apprentices performance, despite his defeat to Xiaowei in the final quarter of the US Open. He even thinks that Wang Qian is not without the possibility of defeating Xiaowei, just to regard the tennis legend opposite as ordinary people.

The new coach gave me a lot of encouragement in terms of self-confidence. Whether I played well or badly, he would support me. Especially in terms of self-confidence, I have greatly improved. Wang Tan admitted that he had a good run-in with the new coach and revealed that he would continue to accompany him throughout the Asian season.

Wang Qian is in Zhengzhou Tennis Open.

He has been reluctant to reveal his illness.

Speaking of Wangs new coach, we have to mention her former coach, Australian veteran McNamara, who once coached Dimitrov and other famous generals. Unfortunately, the 64-year-old coach died of cancer in July.

It was under the guidance of McNamara that Wang Qian first entered the top 20 in the world in her career. She said in an interview with WTA that she also thanked her mentor. He has always trusted me and told me that I can be a top player.

The two ended their cooperation at the beginning of this year, but the old man did not tell Wang Tan about his illness because she was afraid that she would be worried about it. I always knew that he was ill, because a persons illness can be seen, but I just dont know what his illness is.

During McNamaras illness, Wang Chan occasionally sent messages to the old man. Every time I asked him, How are you? He always replies to me and says, Im OK.

After hearing the news of the old mans death, Wang Tan was on the verge of collapse. Until now, she would keep in touch with McNamaras family by email. He told me how to play tennis and how to become a professional player. I think hes always with me.

Now, the 27-year-old Tianjin girl has gradually come out of the haze. Next, she will continue her Asian season, participating in WTA tournaments in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Tianjin, as well as the Chinese Open Tennis Championships held during the National Day.

Lumbar injury, stumbling block to Top10

Wang Qian, who finished the U.S. Open ahead of schedule, was still concerned about the final womens singles final. Anderscu, 19, swept 23 Grand Slam winners Xiaowei in two sets, while the latter failed to win the Grand Slam Championship four times in a row and continued to fail to equalize Cotts record of 24 Grand Slam titles.

Its normal to win or lose in the final. At that time, its not the ball, but who has more psychological advantages, who has a better chance of winning. Wang Tan also regretted Xiaoweis failure to win the championship again. Everyone will encounter different problems at each stage. The higher your level, the harder it will be. Everyone is the same.

Indeed, Wang Qian also has his own headache at this stage - lumbar injury. After intensive training, she suffered from lumbar disc protrusion. This has always been a problem, but it broke out during Wimbledon.

My waist injury is now an indefinite bomb. You dont know when it will break out. It doesnt matter much in good times, but it cant even move in bad times. Fortunately, Wang Qian did not have this problem during the US Open.

Under intense sports, it is impossible to cure lumbar disc herniation completely. If it is completely cured, it must be operated on, then rest for a few years, never engage in this industry again, and pay attention to maintenance every day to be good.

Every players goal is a Grand Slam.

Despite the injuries, Wang Qian is still full of confidence in his future. Especially after the young Anderscu became the champion of the New Komex US Open, the pattern of womens tennis blossoming gives more players the chance to compete for the championship.

In womens tennis today, every player is likely to win the championship. It also means that she has such an opportunity, Wang said. Every tennis players goal is to win a Canadian slam champion, and I will continue to work hard.

But because of injury, Wangs condition this season is not good. She entered the third round at the Australian Open at the beginning of the year and Wimbledon in the middle of the year, but stopped the second round at the French Open; her best result in the tournament was only the semi-finals.

Nevertheless, Wangs current world ranking has been stable at Top20, and her immediate ranking after the US Open has reached 12th place, ranking the highest among all Chinese Golden Flowers. She also said in many interviews that her goal is to break into the top ten in the world.

However, Wang is cautious about whether she can join Top10, and she wants to put too much pressure on herself. After all, she has gone through too much in this year.

I havent returned 100% of my condition since I was injured. So, in the second half of this year, I do not have a clear goal, saying that we must play in what position, or want to return to their competitive state, hoping to achieve the state of the second half of last year.

Fortunately, its not too late for the 27-year-old Chinese golden flower. We still have a chance to see this high-value golden flower blossom in the arena.

Source: Responsible Editor of Pengmei News Network: Cao Liyuan_NS1806