Returned Male said that the bank had friends to raise money together to cheat 2.3 million students.

 Returned Male said that the bank had friends to raise money together to cheat 2.3 million students.

Short cycle, quick money? Returned Male deceived 2.3 million students by this means (source: Netease video)

Nowadays, many people pay more attention to social circles. They know each other well and have comparable strength in all aspects. Why not integrate resources and get what they need? However, some people pack themselves well for their motives, but they have to trust you and cheat you into not discussing. Today we are going to talk about this case. The police officer is a returnee who came back from studying abroad, deceiving her more than 2 million people who were her classmates when she was studying abroad.

Announcer Xiaoyans classmate Zhang Mou introduced her a way to make quick money last April. Xiaoyan listened more and more heartbeat. Xiao Yan and Zhang Mou are acquainted with each other abroad. They have been together for many years and are familiar with each other.

Zhang Mou claims to have friends working in Yuncheng Pudong Development Bank. He can earn 2.5 percent interest by doing bridge loan business. He needs some friends to raise funds and everyone can make money together.

Xiao Yan thinks that this mode of making money is very suitable for him. And before that, Zhang borrowed money from Xiaoyan in the name of bridge lending business, all of which were repayments with principal and interest on schedule. Xiaoyans doubts were thoroughly dispelled, and he began to find ways to collect money.

After tasting the sweet end, Xiao Yans enthusiasm for financing increased. In July and August 2018, he transferred several times to Zhang Mou for 2.3 million yuan. But her dream of wealth was shattered before it began. Since then, Zhang lost his connection and Xiao Yan went to Pudong Development Bank without success.

On August 20, Zhang Mou was arrested by the police on suspicion of fraud. After interrogation, the so-called bank staff and the previous bridge lending business were fabricated by Zhang Mou.

The police learned that Zhang Mou can only swindle the working capital back and forth because of the problem of debt working capital. The victim, Xiao Yan, who transferred 2.3 million yuan to Zhang Mou, has been repaid by Zhang Mou. At present, Zhang Mou has been detained criminally.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Luo Chongwei_NB12082