Men wearing police uniforms and driving Porsche show that online car shopping for police uniforms is a public Thai Reform.

 Men wearing police uniforms and driving Porsche show that online car shopping for police uniforms is a public Thai Reform.

On the morning of September 9, a red Porsche car was stopped and checked by police on duty at Mianyang South Intersection of Beijing-Kunming Expressway. The driver of the car was seen wearing police uniform. However, the driver wears casual pants and sports shoes under his body, which is seriously inconsistent with the dress of the police, which attracts the attention of the police on duty.

Civilian police carefully checked that the driver was a counterfeit policeman and driving without a license, and the vehicle also changed the logo of Zhongtai into Porsche. At present, the police are investigating further.

Fake policemen driving fake Porsche were checked

It is reported that on the morning of the same day, when Yang Liu, a group of three policemen from the Second Branch of Sichuan Highway Public Security Bureau, led the auxiliary policemen Zhang Zichuan and Liu Zezhi to inspect the vehicles routinely in Mianyang South of Beijing-Kunming Highway, they found a red Porsche off-road vehicle running and parking at the exit, which attracted their attention, and then gestured to the driver to pull aside for inspection. Check.

Its all guys. Im in a hurry. Its convenient. Im in a hurry. I forgot my drivers license... Drivers in police uniforms have a relationship with them. However, through careful observation, the police found that the driver was wearing police uniforms and warning signs, but his lower body was wearing casual pants and sports shoes, which was seriously inconsistent with the dress requirements of the Peoples Police Regulations, and the police immediately doubted the identity of the driver.

Therefore, the police immediately arranged for their portrait comparison, while contacting the brigade to inquire about their police information. After investigation and verification, the man Huamou (25-year-old, unemployed, from Jinyang County, Sichuan Province) was driving without a license and was a fake policeman. The vehicle he was driving was Zhongtai, but he changed the logo to Porsche.

After the police showed evidence, Huamoumou confessed to his illegal behavior and admitted that he was driving without a license. The car was for the sake of face, and changed the logo of Zhongtai into Porsche. He himself had worked as an assistant policeman in the local police station (now resigned), felt that when the policeman was powerful, he bought fake police uniforms and signs on the Internet after resigning. On the same day, he went to Mianyang from Chengdu to find friends to play, and put them on to show his friends.

At present, the police have issued a notice of illegal treatment to Huamou, confiscated its fake police uniform and police signs, and let them restore the vehicle signs to their original state and let their friends drive away.

At present, the case is being further dealt with.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082