Old people know their husbands online and transfer 80,000 cops to them to persuade them to be scolded.

 Old people know their husbands online and transfer 80,000 cops to them to persuade them to be scolded.

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Nearly transfer! Seventy-year-old people met their husband online and suddenly borrowed money from each other (source: Netease video)

Recently, an old man complained about the police who stopped her at the intersection of Tonghe Road, Jiangxi Road. This scene quickly attracted the crowd around, but we soon found that something was wrong, the elderly seem to have suffered from telecommunications network fraud.

On the morning of August 26, an old man in his late seventies took 80,000 yuan of cash to the bank for remittance business. Although the old man claimed to be transferring money to her husband, when she filled out the remittance form, the information such as the husbands name had to be checked repeatedly on the Wechat. The old peoples various anomalies have aroused the alarm of bank staff, and then the alarm.

After receiving the alarm, the police of Tonghe New Village Police Station of Baoshan Public Security Bureau rushed to the bank for information. But when the police asked the old man, the old man changed another way of saying that her husband owed money to his colleagues, and the money was transferred to his colleagues in the company. Therefore, the police want the elderly to make a phone call to verify the situation, but the elderly said they do not know husband phone calls, need to ask in the Wechat. But at 4 a.m., the old man and his frequent tweeters were silent at the moment. The police did not respond to the attempt to dial the video and voice calls of the tweets. This makes the police highly suspicious that the elderly suffered from telecommunications network fraud, and decided to take her to the police station for further verification. But as soon as the old man heard that he was going to the police station, he became very excited. He not only said that he would not transfer money, but also turned quickly and walked out of the bank.

The police immediately chased him out. The old man became more emotional and shouted that he should complain to the police on the street. Fortunately, the crowd gathered slowly also realized that there was something wrong with the scene, and helped the police to comfort the elderly.

Ultimately, with the help of the surrounding people and the police, the elderly were brought back to the police station for further information. It is understood that the old man is a person who lives without his children. A few months ago, she added a strange man as a friend through a micro-letter. Through text communication, the other side claimed to be 65 years old and engaged in secret work for a long time. So far, she is single. Since then, the other party not only often shush and ask for warmth, but also often express some small gifts to her, so that the old mans lonely heart gave birth to a trace of warmth. Slowly, the two people feel good about each other, more in line with husband and wife. Recently, the other party suddenly borrowed money from the elderly on the grounds of shortage of funds, and asked the elderly how to deal with the inquiries of bank staff and police when transferring money.

After repeated persuasions from several policemen, the old man realized that he had been deceived.

Police reminder: In recent years, there are endless fraudulent means of telecommunication network for the elderly. While raising the awareness of the elderly to prevent telecom network fraud, children in the family should also regularly care about the living conditions of the elderly, so as not to let the fraudsters drill holes.

Source: responsible editor of Xinmin Evening News: Luo Chongwei_NB12082