Wheres the government going to pay 100percent more tax and fee dividends for 10percent users?

 Wheres the government going to pay 100percent more tax and fee dividends for 10percent users?

Inspector: You didnt turn on the air conditioner. Whats the matter?

Restaurant owner: The cost is too high. Usually the air conditioner is turned off without guests. When a guest asks us to turn on the air conditioner, we can use the electric fan to use the electric fan.

The restaurant owner said that when the weather was hottest in July and August, he had to pay 178,000 yuan a month for electricity, half of which was service fee. The electricity charged by our shopping mall is that price, and the one-fifty-one-hour electricity written on the contract. Some time ago, it dropped by 8 cents, a dollar of 42 cents. There are three parts: electricity charge, electricity service charge and electricity loss. Service charge is almost the same as electricity charge.

To the confusion of the merchants, the purchase of power lines and the installation of workers are all paid for by themselves. As the owner, Meiyu Company has not provided any other electricity services at all. Restaurant owner said: Before there was no wire to enter the home, the merchants were required to solve this problem by themselves. We solved the problem by ourselves. We bought our own cables and asked the workers to bring the cables from the main power house. We spend more because the line is longer and it costs 450,000 yuan.

Following last years 10% reduction in the average electricity price of industry and commerce, this years government work report proposes that the average electricity price of industry and Commerce in general will be reduced by another 10%. Many businessmen in 1227 Square have seen these policies, but they have been unable to enjoy them. Some businessmen said, The electricity charge is more than 70 cents, but I have to pay more than one yuan and 40 cents, the rest are all service charges. The state has policies to support us, but it always feels that some policies have not been implemented and have fallen to the ground.

After verifying the basic situation, the inspection team found Meiyu Company, the owner of 1227 Square. The companys chief financial officer admitted that in addition to the normal price of electricity, the company also charged for the operation and maintenance of power facilities: After collecting the basic unit price, we will collect losses at 6% of the basic unit price. In addition, we have charged for the operation and maintenance of the facilities, which are charged at a rate of 60 cents.

According to the data provided by the electric power department, Meiyu charged 0.82 yuan per kilowatt hour in 2018. From January to August this year, in response to the call of the State Council for a further 10% reduction in industrial and commercial electricity consumption, the price per kilowatt hour was only 0.69 yuan.

In June this year, the owner of the restaurant provided vouchers for electricity charges, using more than 8,200 degrees of electricity, paid more than 11,000 yuan, an average of 1.42 yuan per kilowatt hour. Electric power company only charges 0.69 yuan per kilowatt hour, while Meiyu company charges 1.42 yuan to merchants, which is 0.73 yuan more than the electricity price.

Nanchong Electric Power Company once suggested that 1227 Square should be changed into a household-to-meter system, so that merchants only need to pay less than 7 cents per kilowatt hour, which can reduce the burden of electricity consumption by half. The government has also held coordination meetings for this purpose, but none of them succeeded. The staff of the power company said, They are equivalent to the re-supply of electricity, that is, the supply of 10 kilovolts by the power company, and then the meter is divided. The latter side of the government has also coordinated, thinking of some ways to reduce electricity prices, we have also made suggestions for them to change to a household-by-household table.

Li Jinzhong, a member of the twelfth inspection team of the State Council, asked at the inspection site that Shunqing District and Nanchong City should take concrete measures to really reduce the burden of these merchants. Li Jinzhong said: Our small and micro enterprises are related to the national economy, peoples livelihood and employment. We should further study the problem of charging service fees from facts and come up with real tips. How to reduce costs and promote development, we should work in that direction, so that enterprises can get benefits, so that the burden of the real economy down.

Pu Pengcheng, director of Shunqing District, Nanchong City, said on the spot that he was under supervision and studied overnight how to implement the supervision groups opinions: If there are inadequate discounts and discounts in the implementation of the policy in the process of reducing fees and taxes, we will resolutely deal with them in accordance with the relevant provisions, and it is absolutely unambiguous.

According to the inspection team, such as Meiyu 1227 Square charging high electricity service fees, is not a case in Nanchong and other places. The inspection team asked local governments to come up with practical solutions, so that more small and micro enterprises can enjoy real tax cuts and fee reductions dividends.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV: Liu Song_NBJ9949