Ma Yun counts his Forbes moment as soon as he leaves office.

 Ma Yun counts his Forbes moment as soon as he leaves office.

September 10, 2019, is the annual Teachers Day. On this day this year, Ma Yun, who regrets Alibaba, will officially resign as chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group.

Over the past 20 years, Ma Yuns Alibaba has grown into a business empire with a market capitalization of more than $460 billion, which has attracted many attention from Forbes.

2000: China Internet Pioneer JACKMA

In July 2000, Forbes magazine chose Ma Yun as its cover character.

On the current cover, Ma Yun is known as the Chinese Internet pioneer JACKMA. The words fight for the eyeball stand out.

This year, Alibaba Group raised $20 million from several investment institutions such as Softbank. In December, Alibaba registered more than one million users. This is in the era of Internet bubble.

2011: Middle-aged Ma Yun

After 11 years, Ma Yun, who appeared on the cover of Forbes Chinese magazine again, laid down two clenched fists, and his open-mouthed and presumptuous smile converged a lot, turning into a standard sweeping smile.

In 2011, Chinas Internet entered the mobile era from the PC era.

At this time, Ma Yun was 45 years old, and Ali, who had been founded for 12 years, seemed to be experiencing a turning point in his middle age.

2014: Ma Yuns second half

In September, Alibaba Group was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Become the largest IPO ever (initial public offering of shares), and become the second largest Internet company in the world. Ma Yun, the main founder of Alibaba, has become a face of Chinese entrepreneurs in the world. He has led the popularity of Chinese entrepreneurship culture, the rise of Chinas Internet economy, and the transformation of a transparent Chinese enterprise into a global company.

In 2014, Ma Yun was selected as the businessman of Forbes magazine in 2014.

Listing is only Alis first milestone, and the next 15 years of play may be completely different from the last 15 years.

2015: unstoppable

On the current cover, Ma Yuns cold face with the words unstoppable.

In October 2018, Forbes China released its 2008 China 400 Rich List. Ma Yun returned to the top for the first time since 2014.

In 2019, Forbes released the Global 2000, with Alibaba ranking 59.

Tomorrow, Ma Yun will step down.

Today, whether he leaves office or not, Ma Yun and Alibaba he founded have become a miracle of the Internet business era.