Five League broadcasts: Real Madrid is inferior to Everton in the Premier Leagues top six

 Five League broadcasts: Real Madrid is inferior to Everton in the Premier Leagues top six

How exaggerated is Liverpools 152 million broadcasting revenue? Barcelona earns 130 million pounds, Bayern 87.6 million pounds and Juventus 76.5 million pounds compared with other big clubs. Throughout Europe, only two teams have broken through the 150 million pound mark in broadcasting revenue, while the other team, besides Liverpool, has beaten Liverpool and won a Grand Slam at Manchester City (151 million pounds) in the UK.

As we all know, the Premier League teams broadcasting fees are very high, which is not difficult to see from last seasons broadcasting revenue rankings. According to statistics, among the top 20 teams in the five European League clubsbroadcasting revenue list, the Premier League occupied 18, Barcelona ranked 7th in the top 20 and Real Madrid ranked 10th in the top 20 respectively. Meanwhile, although Juventus have superstar Ronaldo, the Banma Legion earns less on television than the three relegated Premier League clubs Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield, which have earned a total of 301 million on television.

Five League clubs broadcasting revenue rankings

It is worth mentioning that Chelsea, Spurs, Manchester United and Arsenal rank behind Liverpool and Manchester City in the Premier League, all of which earn more than 140 million pounds. Everton and Wolves are biting the Premier League TOP 6 in the Premier League. Of course, they are also biting the TOP 6 team in terms of TV broadcasting fees, which are 128.6 million pounds and 127.2 million pounds respectively. Even Real Madrid, the top European club, can only come after them.

It is undeniable that the huge amount of broadcasting revenue is an important factor for the vigorous and healthy development of Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool earned more than 100 million in broadcasting revenue when they won the Champions League. Just after the summer transfer period, Liverpool have earned about 74 million in transfer revenue due to their careful management of the transfer market. From this point of view, Liverpool are now on the right track under the leadership of Zuo Shu.

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