The boy didnt want to go to cram school to write Help Ah paper and throw it out to attract the police.

 The boy didnt want to go to cram school to write Help Ah paper and throw it out to attract the police.

SOS paper balls. Shapingba District Public Security Bureau for Tuhuarong Network

Hualong Network - New Chongqing Client News Today (9), Hualong Network - New Chongqing Client Reporter learned from the Shapingba District Public Security Bureau that on September 7, when a citizen Yang passed through an office building in Xinqiao New Street, he was almost hit by a paper ball falling from the sky. She picked up the paper ball and opened it. There were several pieces of incomplete paper on which the words Help, sos were written in red and black pens. Then Yang rushed to Xinqiao Police Station to report to the police.

At Xinqiao Police Station, the police had a detailed understanding of the incident to Yang Mou, and opened the paper group to check the handwriting on the paper. Because of the sudden incident, the police were worried about the safety of the rescuers, so they rushed to the site of the incident immediately after they knew the situation.

Quickly rush to the scene to investigate suspicious clues Help Ah SOS paper. Shapingba District Public Security Bureau for Tuhua Long

The location described by the police officer Yang Mou is a commercial building. The building has a total of 29 floors, with 26 houses on each floor. Most of them are in the form of shops, leased to individuals for business activities, only a small number of rooms for sale are empty, no one rents, the key is in the hands of the property.

Civilian police found the property, accompanied by the property, carried out a row of checks on the rooms thrown out in the direction of paper group, and arranged the left-behind personnel in the access passage. Civilian police then entered the house according to the rental and sale situation of each shop, focusing on checking the personnel condition, and combed the life-saving passage of each floor corridor in detail. However, no suspicious persons were found in the investigation of the whole building.

Re-reading Help Paper Corps to Find a Breakthrough for the Civilian Police

Two hours later, shops and lifesaving corridors were checked, but no clues were found. Whats the matter?

The police once again opened the paper ball sent by Yang Mou, carefully pondered the words on the paper, and repeatedly read the words on the paper. Through re-examination, the police found that the handwriting on the paper was neat and even, the pen was red and black, and the paper sources were sketch books, Tianzige exercise books and English exercise books. Every piece of paper was filled with the words SOS, Help, but there was no confused strokes. Read the note again, the police found that under each note, in addition to saving lives, there is a sign similar to X. Looking carefully, the police found that the X looks more and more like the handwriting of the Chinese character fly.

Is this a persons name? The paper used in the paper ball is the same as the students writing book. Is the person who throws the word ball a student? Through the inquiry, the police found that there were several children who did fly by a single name.

Heaven drops SOS paper balls. Shapingba District Public Security Bureau for Tuhua Long

A little boy buried in writing notes

In order to further verify the situation and eliminate the risk factors, the police noticed that there was an educational and training institution in the building, and then checked the personnel attending the institution. It is determined that one of the students in the weekend training course of the Institute meets the requirements for investigation. The police handed the note to the counselor to confirm the handwriting. With the teachers confirmation, it was confirmed that the handwriting was a student in her tutorial. Subsequently, the police individually questioned the boy informally.

The little boy told the police that his classmates could have a good rest on weekends without going to cram school, but he was stuck in the daylight. Although he was very dissatisfied with his parentsarrangement, he dared not violate it. So he took advantage of the break between classes to vent his dissatisfaction in various exercise books and threw it out. Outside the window. After throwing out the paper ball, I never thought that the police uncle would spend hours looking for himself for these notes.

After understanding the situation, the people warned him that in dangerous situations, how to let people around him know that they are in danger is a very important thing. Writing notes thrown out of the window is a good self-help measure. But there are some notes that cant be thrown away. Afterwards, the police told the parents by telephone about the boys thoughts, hoping that they could communicate with each other more and understand the real thoughts of the child. They should not force the child to do what he did not like.

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