Couples who eat wild mushrooms are still in danger for 5 days

 Couples who eat wild mushrooms are still in danger for 5 days

Because of eating wild mushrooms, the couple in Lantian County developed poisoning symptoms. After 5 days of rescue, they are still in danger. Doctors remind the general public not to eat wild mushrooms at will, and to guard against food poisoning caused by eating wild mushrooms.

Zhou Shifu, a 39-year-old farmer in Jiujianfang Town, Lantian County, went to the mountain on September 1 to graze sheep. When he saw some white wild mushrooms, he picked them and cooked them with his wife and a child. After feeling all right, on September 2, he went to the mountain for the second time, picked some wild mushrooms, went home and cooked a big pot, and the whole family ate together, because he and his wife ate more. After eating wild mushrooms at 10:00 a.m. and at 4:00 p.m., he and his wife felt dizzy and nausea. They began to vomit at 5:00 p.m. and were immediately sent to Lantian County Hospital by their families. On September 3, they were transferred to a hospital in Xian for emergency treatment in the Department of digestive medicine. According to the doctors examination, the couple suffered from multiple organ failure and their lives were in danger. After five days of hemodialysis, the two men still did not urinate.

The attending physician said that the couple had eaten a large number of mushrooms harvested in the field before the onset of the disease and suspected that the mushroom was poisoned by muscarine. They have joined forces with multiple departments to rescue, but the couple are still in danger of their lives and are currently receiving treatment.

Experts say that in the field, non-toxic mushrooms are often mixed with poisonous mushrooms and have similar appearance. It is difficult to distinguish them by naked eyes and appearance characteristics such as shape, odor and color. It is very easy to cause poisoning by mistake. There are more than 190 kinds of poisonous mushrooms known in China, and about 30 kinds of poisonous mushrooms are lethal. The toxic mushroom poisoning can cause gastrointestinal symptoms, neuropsychiatric symptoms, hemolytic symptoms, toxic hepatitis, acute renal function damage and other clinical manifestations. At present, there is no specific treatment, the general symptoms after poisoning are serious, the incidence is acute, and the mortality rate is high. Once poisoning is found, it should be treated immediately by clearing poisons (vomiting, gastric lavage, catharsis, enema), rehydration, protection of liver and kidney functions, and blood purification if necessary. Even after active treatment, there are still 30% to 70% mortality.

Recent years, with abundant precipitation and high temperature and humidity, wild mushrooms are growing vigorously, and poisoning by poisonous mushrooms is also a frequent period. When purchasing mushrooms and other foods, citizens should purchase at regular supermarkets and farmersmarkets, not at random at retailers and vendorsoffices, and keep good shopping vouchers. At the same time, in order to improve the identification ability of wild mushrooms, no one knows the delicacy of mushrooms, but poisonous mushrooms are lethal. Dont eat wild mushrooms that you havent eaten or dont know at will. Beware of food poisoning caused by eating wild mushrooms.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, Responsible Editor of China Business Daily