Do public welfare, be a teacher, play Taiji? What will Ma Yun do after his retirement?

 Do public welfare, be a teacher, play Taiji? What will Ma Yun do after his retirement?

Regret Ali, Mistake into the business world... Over the years, Ma Yun has repeatedly confessed that he wants to do something else. So, what areas will Ma Yun continue to work in after he retires from Alibaba Board of Directors?

Alibaba Partners in Retirement

Ali never belongs to Ma Yun, but Ma Yun will always belong to Ali. Ma Yuns summary in his open letter also confirms Ma Yuns position in Alibaba in the future.

Although Ma Yun resigned as chairman of Alibabas board of directors, he did not leave Alibaba. At present, Ma Yun still has two identities - Alibaba 001 employee and Alibaba partner.

In Alibabas system, the chairman of the board of directors is equivalent to the position of chairman. Partners, on the other hand, are equivalent to the chairman of the board - the board of directors of Alibaba will be elected by the partners, rather than the traditional allocation based on equity. At present, Alibaba has two permanent partners. One of them is Ma Yun, the founder, and the other is Cai Chongxin, one of the Eighteen Arhats.

Therefore, from Alis existing system, Ma Yun only released most of the power. But on many issues, Ma Yun still has some decision-making power. Dont ask me about investments below 20 billion in the future. Ma Yun expressed the idea ofretreatin Ali many times. However, in some major decisions, Ma Yun may not be able to retire from Ali.

For more than a decade, Ma Yun has resigned as president of Alibaba Group and CEO of Alibaba Group. This Teachers Day is Ma Yuns third retirement, but this time he resigned from one of the most powerful positions in recent years. However, from Ma Yuns retirement from Alibaba, he may still need a fourth retirement plan.

Volunteer No.1

In addition to the status of Alibaba 001 employees, Ma Yuns latest business card also has an important rise, that is, Volunteer No. 1 for Public Welfare. In his retirement letter, Ma Yun also said that he would focus on public welfare.

Nature Conservation Association - Ma Yun, which is Ma Yuns microblog name for many years before. Compared with the name of Alibabas founder, Ma Yun seems to prefer introducing himself to philanthropists and educators. Over the years, Ma Yun has stepped down from several senior positions in Ali, but the Global Director of the Nature Conservation Association has always been his constant rise.

Oriental. com. Longitudinal Journalist learned that although Ma Yun almost no longer occupies an important position in the enterprise. But he still holds important positions in many public welfare organizations. In addition to the Global Director of the Nature Conservation Association, Ma Yun has many other identities, such as the Co-Chairman of the Peach Blossom Source Ecological Conservation Foundation and the Founder of the Ma Yun Public Welfare Foundation.

These public welfare positions will not disappear because of Ma Yuns retirement, on the contrary, they will become an important field of activities for Ma Yun in the future.

In addition, Ma Yun also exerts waste heat in many global organizations. He is not only the Chairman of Alibaba Poverty Alleviation Fund, but also the United Nations Special Adviser on Youth Entrepreneurship and Small Business, and even the Co-Chairman of the Contact Conference of the United Nations World Summit on Women.

Its my secret of success to go home and listen to my wife and listen to the advice of my female colleagues in the company. Over the years, Ma Yun has always appeared on various international arenas, focusing on issues of global concern such as youth entrepreneurship and womens rights and interests.

Spokesperson for rural teachers

I want to return to education and do what I love will make me more excited and happy. In his retirement letter, Ma Yun made it clear that he would return to education.

It is reported that in 1984, Ma Yun was admitted to the English Department of Hangzhou Normal University, which has been closely related to the position of teacher. Before starting a business, Ma Yun had been a teacher for more than six years. During the initial stage of Alibaba, many Ma Yuns students came to join him.

Ma Yun has said publicly that he prefers to be a teacher Ma rather than a master Ma. The identity of Teacher Ma has two connotations at present. One is the president and lecturer of Lakeside University, and the other is the practitioner of the Rural Teacher Program.

An entrepreneur should not only make money, but also make meaningful money. As the first president of Lakeside University, Ma Yun has been preaching to entrepreneurs directly as a teacher for many years. Many executives, including Liu Qing, the president of Droplet, are Mas students.

In addition to giving entrepreneurs lessons, Teacher Ma has always been committed to speaking for rural teachers. In September 2015, Ma Yun Village Teacher Award was officially established. In the next few years, the Ma Yun Foundation has issued several public welfare programs closely related to rural education, such as the Ma Yun Rural Principal Plan and the Ma Yun Rural TeachersLivelihood Plan.

According to incomplete statistics, over the past four years, the series of rural education programs have served 40 award-winning principals, 400 award-winning teachers and 100 normal students. Five pilot rural boarding schools and 14 rural childrens palaces have been launched, directly affecting more than 80,000 teachers and principals, and affecting learning. More than one million people were born.

With Ma Yun gradually shifting his focus to the status of teacher, rural teachers will surely receive wider attention.

Oriental. com. Longitudinal Journalist noted that at present, in the field of enterprises, Ma Yun has mostly successfully retired. According to Qixinbao data, Ma Yun had previously worked as a legal person in 17 companies and as a director and executive in 16 companies. At present, Ma Yun only serves as a legal person in three of these companies and as a senior executive in four of them. As of today, Ma Yun has resigned more than 75% of corporate positions.

At present, Ma Yun is still the director of Taiji Chan International Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and the chairman of the company is Li Lianjie. It is reported that the company is mainly engaged in Taijiquan training, Taijiquan market promotion and other activities.

In public, Regret Ali Jackma often admits that he has only done two things: he has studied English for more than ten years and he has worked in Taiji for more than ten years.

Practice boxing for a long time, has been amateur. This is Ma Yuns evaluation of his Taijiquan level. According to Ma Yun, he has visited at least eight Tai Chi masters himself. Li Lianjie, his working partner, praised Ma Yun: Tai Chi takes seven segments as the highest level, Ma Yuns actions are five segments, and his mind and idea are seven segments.

Of course, Ma Yuns adherence to sports may be more than Tai Chi. Since the announcement of the retirement plan, Ma Yun has watched many matches of Chinese womens volleyball team on the spot. After winning the Asian Games, Ma Yun also said to the womens volleyball team members, I will help you empty the shopping cart!

On the other hand, the Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou in 2022. Ma Yun, who has just won the honor of Hangzhou City Meritorious Citizen, is sure to make his own contribution in the field of sports.

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