Comments: Creation Index rose 2.42percent into the bull market Shencheng Index stand on the 10,000-point barrier

 Comments: Creation Index rose 2.42percent into the bull market Shencheng Index stand on the 10,000-point barrier

As of the closing date, the Shanghai Index rose 0.84% to 3024.74; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index rose 1.82% to 10001.93; the GEM Index rose 2.42% to 1733.23, up more than 20% from its June low, and entered the technical bull market.

The board is flushing red all over the board. The board such as electronic semiconductor, communication, Huawei concept, chip concept, 5G concept and so on are in the lead.

Peripheral Situation: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed up and down differently, with the Dow rising nearly 70 points. The decline in technology stocks dragged the index down, with AMD down nearly 3%, Facebook down 1.8%, Nifei down more than 1%, and Yingweida down 0.61%. The Asia-Pacific stock market was dominated by gains, led by the Nikkei index in Tokyo. The Nikkei index in Tokyo rose 0.56% to 21318; the Taiwan weighted index rose 0.19% to 10801; and the Korean composite index rose 0.52% to 2020.

Jufeng investor Gu believes that after mid-August, the market ended the adjustment under the stimulation of favorable policies and regained its upward trend. Last week, after breaking through the double suppression of 2900 points and 60-day average, the Shanghai Index continued to consolidate at 3000 points, with a net inflow of nearly 30 billion funds from the north. After Fridays session, the central bank lowered its benchmark, in line with market expectations. On Monday, the two markets opened sharply and the Shanghai Index recovered 3,000 points. Science and technology finance is still the strongest mainline in the market. It is expected that there will be a favorable release after the continuous rise, the process of stock index callback, todays technology stocks are rising, but the Shanghai 50 slight adjustment or has hinted at the possibility of such callback. Thereafter, the market will start to rise in the medium term. It is suggested that we should pay attention to the opportunities of sector rotation driven by excellent performance and good policy. We should not easily catch up with the technology stocks that have risen too much.

Operationally, the middle line continues to select high-quality targets for the layout, while the short-term can continue to carry out individual stock game, while ready to add warehouses and build warehouses again at low prices. Specifically, blue-chip stocks with good business performance and growth leaders should be given priority attention.

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