Foreign Ministry: Merkel reached three important consensus on her 12th visit to China

 Foreign Ministry: Merkel reached three important consensus on her 12th visit to China

On September 9, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying hosted a regular press conference.

Some journalists asked that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had just finished her 12th visit to China over the weekend. What is Chinas comment on the results of this visit?

Hua Chunying said that Chancellor Merkels visit is the 12th visit to China and should be one of the leaders of the Western countries who have visited China most frequently and know the situation of China best. During her visit to China, Chancellor Merkel signed a number of bilateral cooperation documents, and both sides are satisfied with the results of this visit. As for the specific circumstances of the visit, China has issued a press release.

Hua Chunying introduced that there were at least three important consensus points in this visit. First, both sides have demonstrated their responsibility to safeguard multilateralism and free trade. Against the background of uncertainties and instability in the current world and the rising protectionist unilateralism, China and Germany need to strengthen strategic communication and cooperation to jointly meet human challenges. Chancellor Merkel said unilateralist protectionism also had a negative impact on Germany. Germany is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with China in international affairs in the spirit of multilateralism and free trade.

Second, both sides reiterated their common understanding of adhering to the concept of openness and inclusiveness and expanding the opening of two-way markets. China reiterates that the direction of Chinas initiative to expand market opening will remain unchanged. If we do so, Chinas market will grow bigger and bigger, bringing more new opportunities to Germany and other countries in the world. Many German enterprises have become the first beneficiaries of Chinas further opening up. Basf Group will invest 10 billion US dollars in Guangdong to build a fine chemical integration base. Volkswagen, BMW and other German automobile companies will continue to increase investment in China and strengthen R&D cooperation. Chancellor Merkel said that Germany, as always, welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in Germany.

Thirdly, the two sides reconfirmed the common will of China and Germany to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. Germany is Chinas largest economic and trade partner in Europe, and China has become Germanys largest trading partner for three consecutive years. During the visit, the two sides held a symposium of the Sino-German Economic Advisory Committee and a meeting of the Sino-German Dialogue Forum in 2019, and put forward suggestions for cooperation in six areas. The two sides have broad prospects for cooperation in new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, digitization and 5G, and believe that they will bring more tangible benefits to the enterprises and people of the two countries.

Hua Chunying said that China would like to work with Germany to continue to adhere to mutual respect, dialogue and consultation, respect each others development path, take care of their respective core interests, and be a strategic partner for equal dialogue, mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange of mutual learning so as to better benefit the people of both countries.

Source: Beijing Headline Client Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850