Marthas new album Progress is his daughters idol.

 Marthas new album Progress is his daughters idol.


Netease Entertainment reported on September 9, according to Taiwanese media reports, Mayday Martha recently launched a senior music critic Xiaoshus online program, saying that Maydays tour has come to an end, this year is a little rest, but also with children, as for the progress of the new album? Martha laughed and said she didnt know yet: I hope its going to last until the next year.

Martha revealed that he spent too much time in the Guitar Club in her sophomore year because he failed the math makeup exam, but now in retrospect, hes glad to have had the year of repetition, which allowed him to spend more time with himself, read a lot of extra-curricular books, ride a bicycle to see a midnight movie, when the monster joined Typhoon Coconut. Rock club, just in case there is a shortage of bass players in the club, Martha took this opportunity to meet many students of Taiwan University, and to be more clear about what she wants to do when she goes to college.

Martha said it was very rare for Star Wars fans to have twins. So she took Luke as her son and Leia as her daughter. Now she has started to listen to Beatles and Queen after 6 oclock. He said the two children love Bohemian Rhapsody, but Zhang Zhen is her daughters favorite. Yues Love me, dont go, as long as he hears the prelude body will follow the music shake, listening to Maydays song instead did not respond, let him feel a little sad.

Marsha won the Golden Melody Award for Best Composition for her song Noahs Ark. Will the new album continue to improve? Martha said, Dont put me under such pressure. Im lucky! He said that winning the award is actually luck. Whether its the Golden Melody Award or the Golden Sound Award, its hard to be absolutely objective. The award is just a collection of people who love music, and then they discuss a situation that may be closer to the objective.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736