Its Your turn has a 19.4percent ending puzzle.

 Its Your turn has a 19.4percent ending puzzle.

Japanese Opera Its Your Turn

Netease Entertainment reported on September 9, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese drama Its your turn broadcasted the big ending on September 8, and got a good rating of 19.4%. This story involved many netizens in solving puzzles, and finally left many puzzles, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

The play, planned and written by Qiu Yuankang, tells the story of a couple involved in an exchange killing game in their apartment. It began to air for two consecutive seasons in April. The eleventh episode on June 30 began to enter the second chapter, Its Your turn - Counterattack -. Because of many puzzles in the play, netizens have joined in solving puzzles and become hot topics on the Internet.

Its your turn shocked many people in the last few minutes. A few days after the incident was resolved, the protagonist Xiangtai and the second-tier hall found a voice in Room 302. When they opened the door, they saw Lucky Zis wheelchair with a note saying Its your turn, and Lucky Zis hand was tied up and screamed at the edge of the roof.

This kind of ending makes the netizens fall into confusion. It seems that the puzzle-solving game can not be stopped. Many people leave a message: Whats the last thing? Who did it? For the killer who tied up Yukiko, netizens began various reasoning.

Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736