My True Story of Life

 My True Story of Life

I want to share my real life experience to inspire you.

First, if you want to become a better person, you must change and be prepared to withstand setbacks.

It is impossible not to be frustrated on the road to becoming a better person, because all the processes of becoming a better person are the process of constantly challenging the comfort zone.

If you stay in the comfort zone all the time, just repeat the past; and once you get out of the comfort zone, you will find that what seems to be handy is another thing to do, and you will certainly encounter setbacks.

Challenging the comfort zone will inevitably lead to frustration, but only by challenging the comfort zone can you become a better self.

Second, profits and losses are of the same origin.

If you want to be the last winner in your life, you must be prepared to lose.

No one has ever lost a single game before winning the final game.

Its like playing ten chess games with one person, and you win in the end, but the win may be that you win seven games and lose three overall wins.

Its just possible that in the three lost games, you found the other sides loopholes, found their weaknesses, and then changed themselves into a better self, using new methods to defeat the other side.

In this process, your loss is valuable, after losing, you can win better in the future.

In reality, many people will think about losing and winning on the opposite side, which is difficult to become the final winner.

So, losing is a part of winning. Never define yourself, let alone limit yourself because you lose for a while. There are infinite possibilities in your life.

Third, the growth mentality VS success or failure mentality

Many people are accustomed to giving up when they encounter difficulties because they distinguish success from failure in the world.

In fact, this practice is very rough, and very solid, which is to divide such a complex thing so blindly.

Many people have asked me, In the process of starting a business, dont you feel that you have failed? Are there moments of discouragement?

The answer is really no, because its easy for me to get up. I dont see my important experiences as success or failure, but as part of my growth.

And I think of anything as a message. Theyre neutral. In this way, I can see more objectively how to improve myself and how to make myself better from the information.

This process itself is enough to make me a better person. This growth mentality will enable me to constantly meet changes, challenges and more possibilities in my life.

These three insights are for everyone who wants to be a better person.

I would also like to invite you to share your experience of coming out of setbacks and your true feelings and stories of coming out of the shadow of failure.


1. Do not smoke. There are smoking scenes in the film, but we advocate smoking cessation, and I have quit smoking since October 28, 2013.

2. Many people will also be curious about how I spent three years to make six million dollars, and how I made money later.

In those three years, I did real estate work. At that time, there was a dividend period in this industry. The later career was developed with the rise of the mobile Internet and the explosion of the whole emotional industry.

I am particularly eager to see your real experiences of getting up and fighting again in life. I believe that your sharing is also meaningful to others.