Where is the most native place name in the country?

 Where is the most native place name in the country?

Actually, the names of these places used to sound good.

Tucao goes to Tucao. Many people will ask, why not continue to use these beautiful ancient place names?

This involves historical issues.

Some place names are still in use today. For example, Runan is now a county under Zhumadian City; Lanling is also a county in Shandong Province. Ancient place names do not exactly correspond to current place names.

Some place names are very long in themselves, but they are not elegant enough. Hefei, for example, appeared in the Qin and Han Dynasties, while Luzhou was only in the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

In any case, whether a city is elegant or not depends not on its name, but on its degree of development. Shenzhen, for example, means remote ditch, which is the same name as Mentougou in Beijing. But you wont find Shenzhen bad, because it is one of the most developed cities in China.

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