Federers old-fashioned Nadal is still a Spaniard who can come after him?

 Federers old-fashioned Nadal is still a Spaniard who can come after him?

Just from the point of view, even if we did not watch the game, we will find that it is not an easy victory for Nadal. Because of the same name as Russias current prime minister, Medvedev was cordially called Prime Minister by Chinese fans. Do you remember the Czar who was chattering on the court? Medvedev, as Safins successor, is naturally reluctant to show weakness.

As a new leader of the post-95 mens network, he has reached the final in four consecutive races, and won 1 title and 2 sub-results in the first three races, among which he won the first Masters Championship in Cincinnati. The US Open eliminated Wallinka, who defeated Djokovic, and Dimitrov, who ended Federer, to reach the Grand Slam mens singles final for the first time in his career. As a rising star, in this group of old and new confrontations, Nadal, who cant die, finally laughed to the end.

At the awards ceremony, the big screen showed pictures of Nadals 19 Grand Slam champions. Looking at the way he had gone, the steel fighter could not help but shed tears. The taste of the way was only known to him. And standing beside Nadal, Medvedev, who was extremely stubborn in the game, also threw a reverent look at Nadal.

The fifth Championship made Nadal the largest number of Grand Slam champions in history over 30 years old. When Nadal was born on clay court, how many fans predicted that Nadal would retire before he was 30 years old. Now he not only continues to win Grand Slam after 30, but also becomes the most champion. Whether you appreciate him or not, he deserves everyones applause.

Old and strong is Nadals best interpretation at this stage. Maybe Federer will have more fans. Maybe the title Millennium Second didnt beat him down years ago. In Federers most prosperous era, he is undoubtedly the most outstanding green leaf in mens tennis, but after the baptism of the wind and frost and the tempering of the years, this green leaf eventually blossoms dazzling flowers.

Before the current US Open, the number of Grand Slams of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic was 20, 18 and 16 respectively. With Nadal winning the US Open, the gap between him and Djokovic was widened to three again, leaving Federer with the last gap.

In this case, next years Australian Open will become crucial. Once Nadal wins again, he will have an absolute advantage in the competition, because there are few people on the red soil to destroy him. If Federer can laugh to the end, then at least in the 2020 season, the best ownership will remain suspense.

The contest between Ferner lasted for almost the second decade of the twentieth century. Whether they really fight or not, the conversation between the two people always makes people blood boiling. Just like Mero in football, even in 30 years, it will be difficult for you to find such a brilliant opponent. Although he has been more of a Federer Challenger in his career, now the challengers backlash is at hand.

Dragging a scarred body, full of tears after the bitter battle, Nadal ran like a fighter and never gave up in his eyes. Time after time, it seems impossible to turn into the amazement of fans, so tenacious spirit and will quality, people have to produce a sense of admiration.

Maybe just two years ago, when Federer was still ahead of Nadal in five Grand Slams, you had the idea that the rivalry would be over. But for now, it seems that the Spanish Emperors retrograde action is approaching infinite possibilities. The Swiss, who is almost certainly old-fashioned, seems to be far from being separated from his rival, Nadal.

Of course, this may be the charm of the Fener battle. You will never guess the final winner until the last moment. For his glory and record, Federer is bound to fight to the end. The two evergreen tennis players and the two legends of active service are probably far from over. Their war songs will continue to play in the third decade of the 20th century. (end)

Source: Zhao Ruiqi_NB12596, Responsible Editor of CNN