Lankao, Henan Province: Creating a New Business Card for Development on Well-off Road

 Lankao, Henan Province: Creating a New Business Card for Development on Well-off Road

CCTV News (News Broadcast): In 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping twice came to Lankao, Henan Province. The General Secretary urged the Party members and cadres of Lankao to carefully care about every family in the countryside, especially the poor families, and promote the increase of farmersincome and wealth by developing industries according to local conditions. In order to fulfill the important requirements of the General Secretary, Lankao has made a promise of three years of poverty alleviation and seven years of well-off life. In recent years, the local government has adapted measures to local conditions, developed and strengthened industries, and smoothly lifted off poverty and caps.

At present, egg sales are in a good market. In the past two days, Yan Chunguang, a villager in Zhangzhuang Village, has been busy working in the chicken farm, selling a basket of eggs in boxes.

Despite Yans bright spring breeze, he was still a poor household in the village five years ago. That year, his 1,000 chickens met with avian influenza, lost tens of thousands of yuan, and the farm almost closed.

Also in that year, in March 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited poor people in Zhangzhuang Village and came to Yan Chunguangs home.

Yan Chunguang told the General Secretary that he had lost money in raising chickens and was worrying about his future life. He was encouraged by the General Secretary to persevere and life would be better.

At that time, there were 115 poor villages in Lankao, such as Zhangzhuang. There were 77,000 poor people in Lika, such as Yan Chunguang. It was the hardest thing to get rid of poverty.

Implementing the General Secretarys request, the key to poverty alleviation will be launched in Lankao in an all-round way. In that year, Lankao sent 345 cadres to 115 poverty-stricken villages, never pulling out the ranks.

Financial support, risk compensation and other measures have been introduced. Yan Chunguang has become a beneficiary of the new policy. Soon, he received 100,000 yuan of support funds, the countys science and technology service group also sent him technology, spring chicken farm reopened. Over the past few years, the scale of chicken farming has expanded from 3000 to 10000, and Yan Chunguang has embarked on the road of becoming rich.

Over the past few years, Lankao has nurtured 28 characteristic specialized villages, developed 1520 farmersspecialized cooperatives and 167 family farms. The state-level poverty-stricken county has also embarked on the road to poverty alleviation. On March 27, 2017, Lankao took the lead in poverty alleviation and hat removal throughout the country.

Today, Lankao County is adapting measures to local conditions to build three leading industries: wood processing, characteristic agricultural products, animal husbandry and strategic emerging industries.