Experts warn against food safety risks by adding artificial vegetable meat mooncakes to the market

 Experts warn against food safety risks by adding artificial vegetable meat mooncakes to the market

Analysts say that artificial meat moon cakes meet future consumer demand for food freshness. But whether the newly introduced meat-making moon cakes on the market are real artificial meat, and whether the taste and texture can match the core needs and demands of consumers, this is the key point. In addition, high-protein artificial meat moon cakes in packaging, transportation and preservation should also pay attention to the prevention of food safety risks.

Artificial vegetable meat mooncakes are coming

On September 6, the precious meat mooncakes, known as the first domestic artificial vegetable meat, were officially launched on Taobao platform for sale. The start-up company of the mooncakes was named precious meat (Beijing) Food Technology Co., Ltd. At present, there is only one vegetable protein meat moon cake product in the companys shop.

Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Client noticed that even if the name of the store was typed out completely, it would not be able to retrieve it. Instead, it would need to search for the keywords artificial vegetable meat moon cake or rare meat x old house.

On the rare meat product page, the ingredients are wheat flour, pea protein isolate, coconut oil, olive oil, drinking water, etc. They do not contain preservatives. They can be stored at room temperature for 5 days and preserved for 30 days after freezing. They also claim 0 antibiotics, 0 hormones, 0 cholesterol and 0 animal ingredients.

In addition, the page also lists the nutritional components of rare meat and pork, each 100 grams contains 737 kilojoules of calories, 8.8 grams of total fat, 0 grams and 1655 kilojoules of cholesterol, 30.8 grams, 69 mg. In terms of eating methods, similar to other fresh meat moon cakes, they need to be heated in ovens, microwave ovens or pans.

As of September 9, 594 rare meat mooncakes were pre-sold on the electronics platform. Mr. Li, a food enthusiast, ordered a vegetable protein meat moon cake on the platform. The main reason for this order is curiosity. How is it different from the real fresh meat moon cake and the previous vegetarian meat moon cake? Mr. Li said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client.

Lu Zhongming, founder of ZhenMei, told Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Clients that the limited 3,000 boxes of vegetable meat mooncakes launched this time were actually the first step in the companys product creativity test. In recent two years, fresh meat mooncakes are popular. People want to eat fresh, preservative-free mooncakes. Fresh meat mooncakes themselves belong to short-shelf-life mooncakes. Making mooncakes with vegetable meat fillings can conveniently test consumerseating experience and satisfaction with vegetable meat products, and also give consumers more choices. u201d Lv Zhongming is called.

An investor who focuses on investment in the consumer industry said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients that at present, their venture capital department has noticed the new phenomenon of the consumer track. We are also observing the domestic consumersacceptance and satisfaction with the artificial vegetable meat moon cakes, the recent price increase of pork, and the potential of the future large-scale entry of the artificial vegetable meat into the market, we are still evaluating.

Is rare meat moon cake the first man-made meat moon cake?

Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft Client noticed that in fact, the production of simulated meat moon cakes is not new. Since 2010, a vegetarian restaurant in Beijing has launched vegetarian fork stuffing moon cakes for nine consecutive years at a price of 15 yuan each. The manager of the store said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients that every year on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, a large number of customers specially ordered vegetarian meat moon cakes, which do not contain real meat and eggs, but instead use soybean products instead.

Because our customers are mainly small groups of vegetarians, generally only in the Mid-Autumn Festival to launch thevegetarian meat moon cake, so many people do not know that there is avegetarian meat moon cake, but we usually launch thevegetarian steakandvegetarian fishis still very popular. The person in charge said.

Similarly, using soybeans as raw materials to produce simulated meat, what is the difference between vegetable meat moon cakes and artificial vegetable meat moon cakes? Lu Zhongming explained that vegetarian meat is a traditional soybean processing technology, while behind artificial meat is a high-tech formula, flavor processing technology.

It is reported that at present, artificial meat is mainly divided into plant meat and animal cell culture meat. The former is made from plant protein extracted from soybean, pea and other crops, adding plant flavor substances to make it taste and taste closer to real meat, while the latter is meat derived from animal stem cells cultured in experiments.

As the first brand of artificial vegetable meat in China, we need to take the first step to let consumers accept and recognize your products first. So what we really do is to innovate the products at the end of the product, so that consumers can change their concept of vegetarian meat, or that artificial meat is a synthetic product, fake food misunderstanding, because The name artificial meat does not sound particularly friendly. Lv Zhongming is called.

What are the expectations for the new products on the line? Lv Zhongming said that there was no expectation for the new products. At present, Chinese consumersacceptance of artificial vegetable meat products is completely unknown, because it is not a mature market, it is an untapped market. Lv Zhongming is called.

Experts: Preventing Food Safety Risks

Salesman of an old franchise store told Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients that this year some customers consulted to specialize in making moon cakes of various tastes, such as halal, vegetarian meat, beef and chocolate. Now some people want to eat meat, some do not want to eat meat, some want to eat sugar, some do not allow sugar, but we do not have the energy to meet the needs of these people one by one, the cost of production and packaging time is too high. The salesman said.

It is reported that ordinary Moon Cake Ingredients generally contain vegetable oil, edible lard, margarine, sugar, maltose and so on. In order to facilitate storage, deoxidizers are also placed in the packaging bags, and the shelf life is generally 45-120 days. The special customized products need nitrogen packaging and vacuum packaging because of their characteristics.

The shelf life of rare meat mooncakes is similar to that of other fresh meat, which can be stored for about 5 days at room temperature.

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng said to Sino-Singapore longitude and weft clients that short shelf life, nutritional health and green safety are the overall trend of consumer food development in the future. Because of the unique product attributes and production technology of artificial meat moon cakes, the product can only go short shelf life. In terms of shelf life, artificial meat Mooncakes meet the needs of future consumers for food freshness. But the question now is whether the newly launched meat-making moon cakes on the market are real artificial meat, and whether the taste and texture can match the core needs and demands of consumers, that is the key point. Zhu Danpeng said.

Bacteria are very sensitive to high protein. According to the scientific principle of food preservation, if they are not properly preserved, they will easily lead to deterioration of high protein food and therefore can not be eaten. Therefore, high protein artificial meat moon cakes should pay attention to food safety risks in packaging, transportation and preservation. Zhu Danpeng said.

Source: Chien Juanxiao_NBJ10675, Editor-in-Charge of Sino-Singapore Longitudinal and Weft