Dangerous 10 minutes! Chinese men rush into the cockpit twice on international flights

 Dangerous 10 minutes! Chinese men rush into the cockpit twice on international flights

On September 9, Qianjiang Evening News received information from netizens. On September 7, QD700 flight from Sihanouk, Cambodia to Hangzhou took off for more than 20 minutes. A passenger attempted to rush into the cab and was subdued by the crew and Chinese passengers. The plane landed at Phnom Penh Airport.

Reporters of Qianjiang Evening News found out that the facts were true after many verifications. The QD700 aircraft, A320, took off from Sihanouk at 18:27 on September 7. It was originally scheduled to arrive in Hangzhou at 23:15, but landed at Phnom Penh Airport more than 30 minutes after taking off. Take-off time was 20:36 local time, and finally arrived in Hangzhou at 1:02 a.m. on September 8, nearly two hours later than the planned landing time.

What happened on the plane?

The reporter has been in touch with Mr. Chen, an insider. He told reporters that shortly after boarding the plane at that time, he heard a noise in the cabin. A Chinese male passenger sitting at the back of the cabin was negotiating with the flight attendant with his money. Probably to upgrade the cabin, want to sit in front of the cabin, and sit uncomfortable behind it. Mr. Chen said that the plane was basically full at that time, with about 180 people. He noticed that there was no business class in the front of the plane. Maybe the front position was more spacious, and the leg stretching would be more comfortable. Mr. Chen didnt think much about it.

Because this is the flight of King Cheng Airlines in Cambodia, the crew on board are all Cambodians. The flight attendant may not understand the mans speech, there are some communication barriers.

It wont be long before the plane takes off. The flight attendant comes to remind you, please fasten your seat belt. Originally, everyone in the cabin should sit still, very quiet, but unexpectedly, the male passenger made a whole move. Not only did he not wear his seat belt, but he also stood up, his voice was very loud and he was shouting. Because Mr. Chen was far away from him, he didnt hear what the man was talking about, but he thought it would be inappropriate for the plane to do so when it took off. Whats going to happen when the plane takes off?

The man, however, grew more and more agitated and walked towards the cockpit. There are five flight attendants on board, two or three of whom are male. When you saw it, you came to dissuade him.

Later, the stewardess may have placed him in the front row to appease him. Unexpectedly, the man stood up again for the second time. The stewardess had some ropes and other tools. When the man rushed to the cab for the second time, two stewardesses took the dining car and blocked the man outside. One Chinese passenger on the plane was particularly brave. He helped other passengers to uniform the man.

Mr. Chen said that at that time he was relieved and praised the brave traveler in his heart.

About 10 minutes later, the captain finally decided to temporarily land the flight at Phnom Penh Airport and take the male passenger off the plane. Later, the local airport police took the man away.

For safety reasons, everyone thought the captains decision was right.

At about 20:30 p.m. on September 7, the plane departed from Phnom Penh Airport and flew back to Hangzhou.


After this incident was exposed, it aroused heated discussion among netizens:

Many netizens praised the passengers who rushed to uniform him for the first time. It was really great!

Many other netizens have condemned the passenger who rushed to the cockpit: This kind of behavior is too extreme and exotic. He doesnt want to live. Dont harm others. He should not be able to fly for life!

Finally, the editor reminds us not to make fun of everyones life. When flying, we should observe the passenger order in the cabin. If there is any disturbance to public safety, we will be punished by the Regulations on Administrative Penalties for Public Security. If the circumstances are serious, we should bear criminal responsibility.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News