Floating Principle for Exposure of New Type Ultra-Light and Heavy Machine Gun in Our Army is the lightest in the world

 Floating Principle for Exposure of New Type Ultra-Light and Heavy Machine Gun in Our Army is the lightest in the world

[Wen/Observer Network Wang Shichun] Recently, China Military Network released a photo of our army testing a new heavy machine gun. From the photos, the machine gun may be the next generation of ultra-light large caliber machine gun to replace our 89 heavy machine gun. It is lighter in weight than the 89 heavy machine gun, and has the same accuracy and shooting speed.

When the machine gun train is loaded into our battalion company, it will completely change the mode of contemporary infantry battle and provide better guarantee for our infantry battalion company-level firepower.

New Large Caliber Machine Gun Map Source of Our Army: China Military Network

A group of photographs released on September 6 by China Military Network show senior engineers in a certain area of an army base, Huang Xueying, the King of Guns, directing comrades on the spot and shooting with a new heavy machine gun, which has never been seen before.

New Large Caliber Machine Gun Map Source of Our Army: China Military Network

From the photos released, the new heavy machine gun is a new type of ultra-light 12.7mm machine gun. Although the structure is the same as the 89 heavy machine gun, it has the same structure as the cartridge box, the bullet receiver, the mechanical sight and the air guide structure. Details such as barrel buffer are quite different. The machine gun is similar to the ultra-light machine gun released by the Northern Industry at the Zhuhai Air Show last year, but it is not the same machine gun and has a big difference in the brake.

The simulation model of a mountain machine gun is similar to that of the machine gun in the figure: a paper

But the new ultra-light machine gun appearing at Zhuhai Air Show is different from the ultra-light machine gun appearing in the military network: social media

According to military commentators on Observer Network, this is a new type of large caliber mountain machine gun being tested by our army, with a caliber of 12.7mm. This type of machine gun is the lightest in the world, and further reduces its weight. The 89 type 12.7mm machine gun has a body of 17.5kg, a footrest of 8.5Kg and a total weight of 26kg. After using polymer cartridges and new composite materials, the weight of the new gun can be reduced to 20Kg, which is the lightest 12.7mm machine gun system in the world.

As you know, the typical general-purpose machine guns, such as PKM and M240, weigh about 12 kilograms, but their lethality and power are far inferior to those of Type 89 heavy machine guns.

A typical machine gun group, three motorcycles carrying 89 heavy machine guns, armed cross-country attack speed can catch up with a normal infantry or officer, in the replacement of new machine guns, the flexibility of machine gun group will be more improved map source;

Weapons power and maneuverability have always been an irreconcilable contradiction. The reduction of weight will inevitably lead to the weakening of the stiffness and vibration of the weapon, which will affect the accuracy. This is also one of the external criticisms of the storm of weight reduction of some Chinese weapons. How to make a trade-off between the mobility advantage and accuracy brought by weight loss has become a difficult problem for engineers in China.

Type 89 mainly adopts elastic gun holder in weight reduction concept. The elastic shelf will produce periodic elastic deformation in shooting. The accuracy of continuous shooting can be guaranteed by matching the deformation period with the shooting speed. Although this brings some problems such as outliers, the overall advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.

The new mountain machine gun does not continue to adopt the automatic way of mixing tube retreat and air guide, but adopts the design concept of floating casing and air guide automatic way. Floating principle is essentially a kind of forward impact firing, which means that the recoil effect of weapons does not stop completely and the bullet fires when it does not reach the deepest part of the chamber. The recoil energy produced by gunpowder gas must first offset this energy to make the floating part recoil. Thus, the maximum recoil speed of the floating part can be reduced by several times.

New Machine Gun Floating Principle Box Figure Source: A Paper

After adopting the floating principle, the recoil force of the whole gun is reduced and the weight of the gun body is greatly reduced while the shooting speed of 360-400 rounds per minute is maintained. At the same time, the displacement response of recoil muzzle should not be weaker than that of the 89 heavy machine gun in our army. Currently, only the experimental XM-312 in the United States uses similar principles. Complex systems also lead to low firing speed. At the same time, the high cost also makes the U.S. Army not choose this cutting-edge machine gun, but continue to use the M240+M2HB heavy machine gun firepower system.

General Motors XM312 Map Source: XM312

At the same time, considering the progress of the optical industry, the new machine gun will also be equipped with updated optical/low-light-level sights. The new sights are likely to have a simple fire control system, which will further enhance the combat effectiveness of our new machine gun system.

Modern soldiers have to face more urban warfare than before, and need to prepare more anti-equipment weapons than before. At the same time, the upgrading of individual weapons has led to the problem of insufficient lethality of the original 7.62 machine gun system. In order to cater to modern warfare, after the military reform, our armys non-mechanized forces, referring to the experience of recent wars, packed a large number of long-range offensive weapons.

Under the new establishment, each motorized infantry company and light high-mobility infantry company added a new fire platoon, equipped with two heavy machine guns, two large-caliber sniper guns, two sniper grenade launchers and two 60 mm mortars, of which sniper guns and sniper grenade launchers are equipped with light-point injection fire control system, if the new machine guns are installed in a row. The infantry company will replace the 89 machine gun, and our infantry will gain long-range shooting capability beyond the strong enemy.

In the future, ultra-light mountain machine guns, large-caliber sniper rifles and sniper grenades will become the three magic weapons for our infantry company to overcome the enemy.

The history of the new machine gun can be traced back to the wave of lightweight in the 1970s. Our army has been developing large caliber suppression weapons in the direction of lighter and more flexible since the 67-2 light and heavy dual-purpose machine gun. The new mountain machine gun will be the master of our armys heavy caliber suppression weapons after 40 years of weight reduction.

The new mountainous machine gun is only one of the next generation infantry combat systems of our army. With the coming of the grand military parade for the 70th anniversary, the next generation infantry combat system of our army will also usher in a new peak period of replacement.

Source: Observer Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026