The controversy over the status of Little Wish: Peng Yuchang is the first male in mainland China

 The controversy over the status of Little Wish: Peng Yuchang is the first male in mainland China

Peng Yuchangfang announced the termination of the contract with the tablet

Little Wishes opens on September 12

Netease Entertainment reported on September 9 that recently, the position of No. 1 man in the movie Little Wish caused disputes. Peng Yuchang and Wang Mainland strived to be the right of signature as the first man. At present, the filmmaker Heng Ye has declared his apology and said that both of them are listed as No. 1 Men in the contract.

Previously, Peng Yuchang had been ranked first in the sequence of actors in the official release of the movie Little Wish. After the film was released on September 8, some audiences found that the title of Peng Yuchang changed from the first to the second.

On the evening of the 8th, Peng Yuchangs studio issued a statement, severely condemning the films blurring of actorsranking and violation of contract provisions, and said that it had cancelled the contract with the film, but supported Peng Yuchangs attendance of publicity and road show activities at his own expense.

On the 9th, Wang Mainland Studio also issued a solemn statement denying pressure fan, saying that in the contract signed with the film, Wang Mainland was invited to play Man I and signed according to the contract. At the same time, it condemns rumors such as pressing other artists and will safeguard the personal reputation of Wang Mainland according to law.

The film producer Inner Mongolia Hengye Herdsman Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. admitted the mistake and said that the contracts signed by the production department with Peng Yuchang and Wang Mainland were named No. 1 Men, apologizing for the troubles caused by the position of subtitle typesetting, and will seriously deal with the relevant responsible personnel.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027