Celebrity Suite Song Tao: Yanis training too basic players to participate in variety has no effect?

 Celebrity Suite Song Tao: Yanis training too basic players to participate in variety has no effect?

In 2017, with Yao Ming assuming the chairmanship of China Basketball Association, Chinese basketball began to reform comprehensively. Both national teams and basketball teams took good measures, especially the latter. However, from now on, there are obvious mistakes in the merger time and coach selection of the Red and Blue Teams, which need serious reflection. There is no problem with the reform itself, but the practice of the reform must be discussed in detail.

The author believes that before last years Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese mens basketball team should complete the merger, send a genuine national team to participate in the competition, and conduct a review before the World Cup. Li Nan led the Red Team to the championship, and then readjusted, losing an important running-in opportunity. After all, the Asian Games is an inter-continental competition, coaches and players have to bear certain pressure, far more than the general warm-up game can see the problem.

Secondly, Li Nans decision-making is also wrong. Few professional team coaching experience in his strategy, tactics and personnel level, are inexperienced. More importantly, the current Chinese mens basketball coaching team, the problem is not only Li Nan, responsible for the tactics of Janis is also responsible for the blame.u2014u2014

According to the authors understanding, during the preparation for the World Cup, Janis spent a lot of time on some basic contents, such as the defensive concepts of the strong side and the weak side. If it is a young team without performance requirements, such arrangement is justifiable. But in the real Chinese mens basketball national team, Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng and even Bao are allowed to play. Its a waste of time for players like Kuo Allen to study and train. After the draw in March, the opponents have made it clear that targeted technical and tactical training is not more important than these? The basic content certainly needs to be strengthened, but obviously the whole team should not run with each other.

Speaking of Guo Allen, the World Cup did not play well and the coaching team did not adjust him significantly. In retrospect, the author does not object to the players participating in social activities, but in the critical moment of preparing for the World Cup to participate in variety shows, really will not affect the state? Another is Fang Shuo, against Nigeria, if he did not start the continuous attack, the Chinese team may be closer to the defeat earlier; also includes Abu Du Salamay, the young man is full of strength, can not make it, the Asian Games should be played to conquer Li Nan, but why suddenly abandon it?

As the head coach of the national team, we must have a general outlook and a long-term vision, which is the basic quality. At the end of the World Cup, there is still hope in theory for the Olympic Games. In my opinion, it is unrealistic for Li Nan to leave class at this time, but he should seriously study the problems exposed at present and try his best to solve them. Olympic qualifying competition, we still look forward to the Chinese mens basketball team to play a miracle!

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