Mob-destroyed Central Railway Station to reopen Hong Kong Media: Cant Become Normal

 Mob-destroyed Central Railway Station to reopen Hong Kong Media: Cant Become Normal

BEIJING, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) Comprehensive Hong Kong media reported that on September 8, a small number of radicals in Hong Kong wantonly destroyed the facilities of the MTR station after holding a rally in Chateau Garden in Central. Central Station and Wanchai Station were once closed down and shut down. Prince, Mongkok and Whampoa fell one after another. The Central Station reopened on the morning of September 9, but there are still some facilities that can be repaired in the future.

Radical mob Zhonghuan Station set fire to several MTR stations and was attacked

On the evening of the 8th, rioters set fire to a large number of debris and iron bars at the exit of Central Station. The fire was fierce and smoke was constantly rising. The firefighters arrived a few minutes later and put out the fire quickly.

In addition, the Central Railway Station was temporarily closed at 4 p.m. on the 8th, and the Tsuen Wan Line and the Hong Kong Island Line trains did not stop at the Central Railway Station. A large number of thugs gathered at the K exit of Central Station leading to Queens Square, brought trash cans, trolleys, flower pots and other debris, pushed them to the elevator leading to the basement station lobby, blocked the entrance and exit, prized the device of the elevator, damaged the closed-circuit television outside the station, and seriously damaged the station display screen.

After blocking roads by arson in Central, the rioters fled to Wanchai and Causeway Bay. At the construction site near Phase III of Taigu Square, some people took away some building materials and headed for Wanchai. They destroyed traffic lights and pulled off power lines along Queens Avenue east to Wanchai Road, then rushed into Wanchai Station and destroyed the gate entry and display in the station. Screens, value-added machines, fire hoses were also pulled out, fence glass was all broken.

Central Railway Station Restarted Some Facilities Unmaintained

The Central Railway Station was reopened on September 9, but some facilities will be repaired in the future. The entrance to the glass curtain wall was shattered by demonstrators and temporarily covered with canvas.

Cleaners were present to clean up spray paint and graffiti; outside the station, bricks, trolleys, iron fences and other debris were left in the morning. The burned F outlet has been disposed of, but the ground is still smeared black.

At Mongkok Station, the glass of D3 exit was smashed, many gates and ticket machines inside the station were damaged and suspended, the staff were enclosed with adhesive tape, and graffiti was also found on the outside walls and ground.

Harbour Media: We cant make smashing stations normal

A commentary published by Hong Kongs Wen Hui Daily on September 9 pointed out that the destruction and demolition of railway station facilities has become a designated action of the mob, and that whenever marches and assemblies eventually turn into violent conflicts, atrocities will inevitably damage the railway station.

There are probably two reasons why the mob hates the MTR so much. One is that the HKSAR government is a major shareholder of the MTR. The destruction of the MTR station can cause losses to the HKSAR government. The other is that if the station is closed and the citizens cant get on the train, they will blame the HKSAR government for increasing public resentment.

The article says that the brains of the brave mob may be a little worse. Destroying the MTR station will not hurt the SAR government but the citizens most. How many MTR stations have been destroyed since the violence? Maintenance costs have exceeded 50 million yuan. Station facilities are electronic. Some facilities are damaged and cant be repaired. The whole system needs to be replaced. Is the gate that was poured into by the mob Coca-Cola still available? In addition to the major shareholder SAR government, the small shareholders of the public should also share in the astonishing maintenance costs, and the whole Hong Kong people will suffer losses.

More importantly, the Hong Kong Railway, which used to be regarded as the beloved by many citizens, has become a nightmare today. People who do not enter the station have to be nervous. When entering the carriage, they should be alert to the spirit of twelve minutes. They should be on guard against the appearance of people in black clothes, not to mention that they can not get a ride because the station is destroyed and closed.

The article points out that the destruction of MTR stations by mobs has become a normal phenomenon of violent conflicts. However, the problem lies in that MTR is a collective means of transport and public resources necessary for the life of Hong Kong citizens. The mob has no right to deprive the citizens of their right to take public transport, nor to hit or smash if they like.

Therefore, the vicious acts of the mob destroying the MTR station must be stopped and stopped. Passengers and citizens must stand up and defend their right to ride. They should fight the mob destroying the station head-on and stop it in front of the masses so that they can know what they fear and dare not make a second attempt. Of course, the police and MTR companies must take further responsibility for maintaining security and restoring order, including making clear that the closure and failure to reopen in time were all caused by the mob, so that the citizens can see more clearly the evidence of the mob.

Source: Liable Editor of CNN: Li Wan_B11284